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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday warned against using the soil of Afghanistan to spread “terrorist attacks” around the world.

This came in Modi’s speech to world leaders and leaders participating in the 76th United Nations General Assembly, currently being held in New York.

Modi did not specify specific countries in his testimony, saying only: “Reactionary countries that use terrorism as a political tool must realize that it poses a threat to them as well.”

“It is important to ensure that Afghanistan is not used as a tool to spread terrorism and launch terrorist attacks, and the international community should be vigilant to ensure that no country tries to use the delicate situation in Afghanistan as a tool,” he added.

And he added, “This is the time when the citizens of Afghanistan, their women and their children need help, and we must take responsibility and face the growing challenges posed by reactionary thinking and extremism.”

He continued, “The many proxy wars currently taking place around the world, the climate crisis, the coronavirus, and now the situation in Afghanistan, all raise serious questions about the role of the United Nations.”

And in the middle of last August, the “Taliban” movement was able to control Afghanistan, coinciding with the completion of the US withdrawal from the country at the end of the same month.

“If the United Nations is to maintain its role, it must improve its effectiveness and reliability,” Modi added.

And he considered that his country “has made great strides in democracy,” saying, “How can the son of a tea seller on the side of the road in India speak before you in the assembly hall for the fourth time in a row?”

In his testimony, Modi touched on the quadripartite security alliance, which was recently announced in the Pacific, and includes, in addition to India, the United States, Britain and Australia.

“Our oceans are the lifeblood of international trade, we must protect them and the international community must speak with one voice to promote a rules-based world order,” he said.

On Tuesday, the 76th session of the General Assembly opened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, with a personal presence of about 110 leaders and heads of government of Member States.
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