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On Saturday, hundreds of protesters participated in a demonstration organized by the Communist Party in the Russian capital, Moscow, to protest against the results of the election to the State Duma (deputies).

Hundreds gathered in Pushkinskaya Square in the unauthorized demonstration, calling for the election result to be annulled, claiming it was “rigged”.

Although many Communist Party supporters participated in the demonstration, party leader Gennady Zhuganov did not.

As Russian cities witnessed next to the capital in the demonstrations organized by the Communist Party.

In a demonstration in Ufa, the security forces arrested a person at the protest.

On Friday, the Russian Central Election Commission announced that the ruling “United Russia” party had won the elections to the State Duma (Deputies), after winning 324 seats.

“The results of the elections to the State Duma showed that the United Russia party won 324 seats, the Communist Party won 57 (seats), and the “Just Russia – for The Truth” has 27 (seats), the “Liberal Democratic Party” has 21 (seats), while the “New People” party won 13 (seats), according to the local “Sputnik” agency.

Reaching the State Duma, which has 450 deputies, requires the parties participating in the elections to cross the threshold of 5% of the vote.

During the period from 17 to 19 September, elections to the State Duma were held for its eighth session, with the participation of 14 parties.
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