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On Saturday, a tribal council in eastern Sudan announced the closure of the only oil pipeline that transports fuel to the capital, Khartoum, in the context of escalating their protests against the “East track” within the peace agreement, and to demand development and an end to marginalization.

The leader of the “Supreme Council of Beja Opticals” in the east of the country, Muhammad Oshik, told “Anadolu Agency”, “Within the framework of our escalation plan, we closed the (only) oil pipeline that transports gasoline and gasoline to the capital, Khartoum, at the Haya station in the Red Sea state (east).”

He added, “We have other escalatory steps that include internet and communications cables in the Red Sea, as long as there are no initiatives for a solution by the government.”

He continued, “The council’s supporters are still continuing to close the national road, Khartoum-Port Sudan, and the ports on the Red Sea.”

For the ninth day in a row, a tribal council in eastern Sudan is closing all ports on the Red Sea and the main road between Khartoum and Port Sudan.

On July 5, the council closed the national road between Khartoum and Port Sudan for 3 days, before the government sent a ministerial delegation on the 17th of the same month to negotiate with them about their demands, but without responding to them, according to statements by council leaders.

The tribal council is protesting against the “East track” within the peace agreement signed in Juba, between Khartoum and armed rebel movements, as it complains about the marginalization of the eastern regions, and demands the abolition of the track and the establishment of a national conference for eastern issues, which will result in the approval of development projects in it.

Since August 21, 2019, Sudan has been going through a 53-month transitional period that ends with holding elections in early 2024, during which power is shared by the army, the Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change and armed movements that signed a peace agreement with Khartoum on 3 October.

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