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The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, said on Saturday that the struggle for power is still the main problem in Iraq.

This came in his speech during a conference held in Erbil entitled “Iraq is a tragic fate.”

Barzani said, “The people of Kurdistan have suffered greatly over the past 100 years, and unfortunately, after a century, the Kurdish people are still struggling to obtain their rights.”

Barzani explained that “the struggle for power is the main problem in Iraq, as well as when a party wants to impose its viewpoint on the other parties or resort to the use of force or punishment to resolve problems.”

Barzani warned that “the lack of stability in Iraq and the practice of marginalization will generate a terrorist organization similar to ISIS.”

Many files are still stuck between Baghdad and Erbil for years, most notably the file of managing oil and natural resources, the file of the disputed areas, and the file of salaries for employees and military personnel.

In April 2019, the previous government, headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, stopped paying the region’s monthly salaries of 453 billion Iraqi dinars (about $380 million), for not delivering the region’s oil to Baghdad.

Several delegations from the region conducted negotiations with officials in Baghdad, focused on discussing the crisis of salaries for the region’s employees to be paid by Baghdad.

Baghdad and Erbil at the end of 2019 concluded an agreement to deliver the region’s oil to the state-owned company “SOMO” as of the beginning of 2020, at a rate of 250,000 barrels per day, out of 450,000 producers, in exchange for understandings that allow placing a share for the region in the country’s budget.

Baghdad says the region has not yet delivered its oil.
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