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Tunisia .. “Al-Qomani” resigns from the presidency of the Crisis Management Committee of Ennahda

                        Tunisia / Yousra Ounass / Anatolia

Mohamed Al-Qumani, a leader in the Tunisian parliament’s majority-majority Ennahda movement, announced his resignation from heading the movement’s committee to manage the country’s political crisis.

This came in a “personal” statement published by Al-Qomani on his Facebook page.

On August 12 last, the (Islamic) Ennahda announced the formation of a temporary committee to manage the political crisis in the country, headed by Al-Qomani, a member of the movement’s executive office.

Al-Qumani said he appreciates that “the national and partisan contexts effectively end the commission’s mission.”

He added that “the committee is temporary and has an exclusive mandate in the file, and it is the only official body that binds the movement, and it is not obligated by any positions, initiatives or other relevant statements, whatever they may be.”

Al-Qomani attributed this to “the fundamental change recorded in the political scene after the presidential order issued on Wednesday, which represented an effective suspension of the constitution and compensation for it with an illegal temporary organization of power.”

This also returned to “what this trend leads to, from the President of the Republic effectively and completely closing the doors of dialogue with all violators of it, and pushing the country into an area of ​​high risks unprecedented in the history of Tunisia.”

On Wednesday, the country’s President Qais Saeed decided to abolish the constitutionality monitoring body, issue legislation by presidential decrees, and assume the executive authority with the help of a government, according to a statement by the presidency and according to what was published by the official “Al-Raed” newspaper.

Al-Qomani added that “the situation called for a review of the policy of the Ennahda movement in interacting with developments towards engaging in peaceful struggles that do not give up and do not surrender, restore their freedoms, and put Tunisia back on the path of democracy.”

In a statement Saturday, 113 members of Ennahda announced their resignation from the movement, citing the “wrong political choices” of its leadership.

The statement stated: “The wrong political choices of the leadership of the Ennahda movement led to its isolation and its failure to actively engage in any common front to resist the imminent tyrannical danger posed by the September 22 resolutions (of President Said).”

Since last July 25, Tunisia has been experiencing a severe political crisis, as Saied decided at the time to freeze the powers of Parliament, lift the immunity of deputies, and dismiss the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Mashishi, provided that he assumes the executive authority with the help of a government whose president is appointed, and then issued orders to dismiss officials and appoint others. .

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