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Aguila Saleh, Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, announced that the House will hand over power to a new one as soon as he is elected, explaining that announcing his candidacy for the presidency at present is “inappropriate.”

This came during an interview with the local channel “218”, which was reported by the Parliament’s Media Center page on “Facebook”, on Saturday.

Saleh justified the withdrawal of confidence from the national unity government, saying that “it was for fear that it would continue to sign contracts that would result in large debts on the people.”

He added, “There is no internal restriction on the government. The only restriction is on long-term contracts.”

He stated that the House of Representatives “will hand over power as soon as the new parliament is elected.”

On running for the presidency, he said: “I cannot say anything about running for the presidency until the door for announcing candidacy is opened, and before that, announcing my candidacy is not appropriate.”

And he added: “We do not want anyone to be excluded, and whoever sees himself popular as his candidacy for the presidency or parliament, let him apply in accordance with the law issued in this regard.”

He continued, “There is no solution in Libya except through elections, and I am afraid that obstructing them will result in serious consequences and chaos.”

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives announced the withdrawal of confidence from the unity government, in a move that the Supreme Council of State described as “invalid” for violating the procedures of the constitutional declaration and the political agreement.

Recently, tensions have returned between the institutions of governance in Libya, as a result of differences between the House of Representatives on the one hand and the Supreme Council of State, the unity government and the Presidential Council on the other hand, especially over the powers and electoral bills.

This threatens the political breakthrough that Libya has been witnessing for months, when an elected transitional authority, comprising a unity government and a presidential council, assumed on March 16 its duties to lead the country to parliamentary and presidential elections on December 24.
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