Egypt .. Taxes affect content creators on social media

The Egyptian Tax Authority called on content makers on various social media platforms to correct their situations, represented by the financial income they receive.

And the IRS addressed, in a statement published through its documented page on Facebook, on Saturday, individuals who engage in content creation activity, “bloggers, YouTubers”, to correct their tax conditions by opening files in the tax department.

These two categories of content creators will have the option to open two tax files, according to the statement.


The first tax file is linked to the income tax mission, and the second to its counterpart related to value added tax, when their revenues amounted to 500,000 pounds (about 32,000 dollars) within 12 months from the date of practicing the activity.

On the other hand, Talaat Suleiman, Director General of the Technical Office of the Presidency of the Tax Authority, said that the tax will reach 2500 pounds ($159) per year only for those whose income is between 250 thousand (about 16 thousand dollars) and 500 thousand.

Suleiman added, in a telephone interview on the Egyptian Al-Hayat satellite channel, on Saturday evening, that the tax will not exceed 5,000 pounds (318 dollars) for an income of less than one million pounds (63.7 thousand dollars).

He pointed out that these taxes will mostly go to the development of small enterprises.

This is the first step of its kind towards content makers in Egypt, who are known, according to local press reports, to earn medium to high revenues according to popularity.

The activity of content makers in Egypt varies between entertainment, awareness, political, promotional and social.

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