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Inter Milan tied at home with its fans against its guest, Atlanta, with two goals, on Saturday, in an exciting summit at the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium, in the sixth round of the Italian Football League.

The match was exciting from its first minutes, as Argentine Lautaro Martinez managed to put Inter in the lead with a very impressive first goal, scored in the 5th minute with a powerful shot on the bird.

Atalanta responded quickly with a shot by Ruslan Malinovsky that went near the right post of the Inter goal, which did not prevent the same player from hitting the nets of Samir Handanovic with a goal from a missile shot that the Slovenian goalkeeper failed to respond in the 30th minute.

The ballistic missiles of Atlanta kept falling on Handanovic’s goal, who narrowly saved one of them at the 38th minute, before the ball rebounded to the advanced Rafael Toloi to confidently put it into the net with a second goal that turned the result in favor of the visitors.

With the start of the second half, Inter pressed with all their attacking forces, but managed to equalize the ball in the 71st minute after a ball rebounded from goalkeeper Juan Muso to find the feet of the Bosnian Edin Jericho, who easily completed it in the goal.

Inter missed the chance to win four minutes before the end of the match, when the referee awarded a penalty kick by defender Frederico Dimarco, before the “Var” canceled a goal for Atalanta in the last minute for Rafael Tolo.

Inter Milan now has 14 points in third place, while Atlanta reached 11 points and remained fifth in the rankings.

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