Iraq.. Arrest warrants for participants in the
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On Sunday, the Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrants against participants in the “peace” conference held in Erbil (the capital of the Kurdistan region), and called for normalization with Israel.

A statement issued by the Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq said that “the Karkh First Investigation Court (based in Baghdad), based on information provided by the (government) National Security Adviser, issued an arrest warrant against the so-called Wissam Al-Hardan (the leader of the Awakening in Iraq), following the role he played in The call for normalization with Israel.

The statement added: “An arrest warrant has also been issued against Mithal Al-Alusi (a former parliamentarian), and an employee in the Ministry of Culture, Sahar Karim Al-Tai (the conference’s custodian) for the same crime.”


He continued, “Legal measures will be taken against the rest of the participants as soon as their full names are known.”

On Friday, a “peace” conference was held in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, organized by Sunni and Shiite tribal figures, and called for the normalization of relations with and Israel publicly, in the first event of its kind in Iraq.

The call for normalization with Israel provoked official and political reactions, at the level of the government, parliament, the presidency of the Iraqi republic, and the presidency of the Kurdistan region.

Article 201 of the Iraqi Penal Code stipulates that “anyone who favors or promotes the principles of Zionism, including Freemasonry, or who is affiliated with any of its institutions, or helps them financially or morally, or works in any way whatsoever to achieve its purposes, shall be punished with death.”

Iraq does not establish any relations with Israel, and the majority of political forces reject normalization with Israel.


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