Washington must escalate against Assad for a political transition in Syria
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad (File Photo)

The head of the Syrian opposition coalition, Salem al-Maslat, stated that the United States should take more escalation against the Bashar al-Assad regime, to force it to make a political transition.

This came in statements he made to The Eastern Herald, on Saturday, during which he touched on the American role in the Syrian file, under the current administration of President Joe Biden.

Al-Maslat said: “The coalition believes in the need for the active countries, led by the United States, to build more political, legal and economic escalation on the regime.”


He explained that this escalation could “go to options that would force the regime to participate actively and seriously, leading to the completion of the solution and the political transition.”

He added that “the United States is one of the countries that have supported the Syrian people and their rightful demands for freedom, dignity, and democracy since the beginning.”

And he added: “I think that the current administration has a vital interest in giving the Syrian file a top priority, and dealing with this file as a base through which an American, international and humanitarian achievement can be achieved.”

He added: “It includes supporting the Syrian people in their national project aimed at getting rid of a genocidal regime backed by Russia and Iran, working to save tens of thousands of prisoners and detainees, and ensuring a safe environment for the return of millions of displaced people.”

Regarding Washington’s current positions regarding the Syrian file, he said: “The United States has issued the Caesar Law to besiege and punish the criminals of the regime and its security services and all those who support them, and it continues to impose these sanctions on the Assad regime legally, politically and economically, and supports the political transition in accordance with international resolutions.”

He continued, “But we in the coalition believe in the need for the active countries, led by the United States, to build more political, legal and economic escalation on the regime, and to go to options that will force it to actively and seriously participate in order to complete the solution and political transition.”

And he added, “What I mean exactly is that the United States go towards forming a serious international coalition, based on the legality of moving under Chapter VII based on the regime’s violation of Resolution 2118, related to the use of chemical weapons.”

And he continued: “And he set a basic mission for this international coalition aimed primarily at uprooting the entire system, and holding its pillars and symbols accountable.”

He pointed out that “Washington is able today to put an end to the ongoing crime in Syria, and through this alliance, it can put the regime on a clear and compulsory path.”

On this path, he stated: “Either uprooting, or a complete political transition based on the Geneva Communiqué and Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2254, to ensure the achievement of transitional justice and the accountability of criminals.”

He concluded: “This is what provides the opportunity for the Syrian people to lay the right foundations for a true democratic life, based on a new constitution, a transitional governing body with full powers, and elections under the supervision of the United Nations.”


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