Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan (File Photo)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the stay of the United States of America in Afghanistan for 20 years did not make this country safe. On the contrary, the region continued to bleed with each passing day.

This came in an interview with the American channel “CBS” while he was in New York state a few days ago to participate in the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Erdogan explained that Turkey has taken over the protection of Kabul Airport by about a thousand people over the previous years, and has expressed its willingness to continue this task after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.


He continued, “I spoke with Mr. Joe Biden in this regard when we met in Brussels, and I told him that we demand several things to continue this mission, namely logistical, financial and administrative support, and the delivery of weapons and equipment at the airport to Turkey.”

And he added, “But what happened is that the United States left those weapons and equipment to the Taliban, but we are used to some things. Terrorist organizations targeting Turkey use American weapons. The previous American administrations did that, and so did the current administration.”

Erdogan added that his country has not reached any agreement with the Taliban in any matter, indicating that the Taliban is coordinating more with Qatar now.

And he added: “Turkey withdrew its forces and civilian citizens from Afghanistan, and we are not present at Kabul airport, and there is no cooperation between us and the Taliban at the present time, but what I must stress here is that Turkey has provided the Afghan people with what no country in the world has offered.”

He continued, “We have made many investments in the infrastructure and superstructure there, and during the coming period also we will continue such investments.”

He pointed out that the current government in Afghanistan is not comprehensive and incubating for everyone, and that it is not possible to contribute to the operation of Kabul Airport in the presence of such a government.

He stressed that Turkey’s contribution to the operation of Kabul Airport depends on the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

In response to a question about the Taliban’s treatment of women and preventing them from education and work, Erdogan said: “What we wish for Turkish women, we also wish for Afghan women. Afghan women must be present in all areas of life and Turkey is ready to contribute to developing the capabilities of Afghan women in all fields.”

Regarding the waves of immigration from Afghanistan, he pointed out that “the United States has not fulfilled its duties towards refugees. Turkey is currently accommodating 300,000 Afghan refugees, but it cannot continue to receive Afghan immigrants.”

Erdogan stressed the need for the United States not to support the YPG/PKK organization with weapons.

He pointed out that Turkey has informed and continues to inform the United States that the weapons it is giving to the YPG/PKK terrorist organization constitutes a threat to Turkey.

He added: “Turkey and the United States are allies in (NATO) NATO, and we must be in a state of solidarity and terrorist organizations should not receive support from NATO countries.”

In mid-August, the Taliban managed to take control of Afghanistan, coinciding with the completion of the US withdrawal from the country at the end of the same month.

Earlier this month, the “Taliban” movement announced a ministerial formation to be a caretaker government in Afghanistan.


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