Polling station during elections in Germany 2021(File Photo)

The German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” revealed, on Sunday, that the security authorities have so far recorded more than 4,200 crimes related to the election campaigns in the country.

The “Welt am Sonntag” media report, issued on Sunday, coincided with the parliamentary elections in Germany.

The report was based on a survey conducted among the federal states, all of which reported specific figures for the number of such crimes, with the exception of Hessen.


On the nature of the crimes, the newspaper said that they range from violent crimes, propaganda crimes, and directing abuse.

Moreover, these crimes primarily targeted party property, such as election posters.

Based on information received from the Federal Criminal Police Office in the internal situation report cited by the newspaper, the FBI recorded 4,035 crimes in the two weeks before the general elections, 42 of which were violent.

In this regard, Federal Minister of Health Jens Young told the same newspaper, “It is the first election campaign in which we face the emergence of large groups of aggressive rioters on almost every public occasion.”

Young men pointed to a type of “epidemiological extremism” growing in Germany, which has a relationship with those who reject the health measures adopted in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The minister stressed that “it is difficult to pinpoint a specific location for this development politically, but it is being promoted by “right-wing extremists” such as the Alternative for Germany party.

Shabban concluded his speech by saying: “This is how the cycle of incitement and hatred turns into tangible actions.”

Earlier in the day, preliminary results broadcast by German TV, Deutsche Welle, showed that the conservative Christian Social Democrats (CDU / CSU) coalition won 25 percent of the vote, and its rival, the Social Democrats (SPD) also won 25 percent.

The “Green” party received 15 percent, the “Alternative Right” (11 percent), the “Liberal Democrats” (11 percent), and the “left” (5 percent).

Armin Laschet is competing for the position of chancellor, to replace outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel after holding the position for 16 years, and for the Social Democratic Party, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, and for the Green Party candidate Annalena Baerbock.

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