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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Government and PoliticsTessa Ganserer, Germany's first transgender MP moves into the Bundestag

Tessa Ganserer, Germany’s first transgender MP moves into the Bundestag

For the first time, a transgender politician has made it into the Bundestag. Tessa Ganserer came to parliament via the state list of the Bavarian Greens, the party said. So far, Ganserer sits in Munich's state parliament.

Tessa Ganserer will be the first transgender politician to enter the next Bundestag(Germany’s federal parliament). “Tessa Ganserer is safe in there,” said a spokeswoman for the Bavarian Greens on Sunday evening in Munich.

In her constituency of Nuremberg North shortly before the end of the count, Ganserer was far behind the CSU direct candidate Sebastian Brehm, but she has her place on the state list of the Bavarian Greens. There Ganserer was in thirteenth place.

Ganserer has been a member of the Bavarian state parliament since 2013. In 2018, the 44-year-old moved into the state parliament for a second time under her then name Markus Ganserer. At the beginning of 2019, she came out as transgender and has since been addressed as Tessa Ganserer in the state parliament.

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