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Saturday, October, 1, 2022

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Absen 2021 online autumn product launch ended successfully, the Clear Cobalt series of Micro LED made its fantastic debut

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On September 23, Absen 2021 autumn product launch was held online in the form of live streaming, launching the new-generation premium Micro LED display products, virtual movie studio solutions and three innovative products to global customers. Over 600 customers and partners from countries including the US, the UK, Germany and France watched the live streaming, jointly exploring cutting-edge technologies and the development direction of the LED display industry.

Clear Cobalt series of Micro LED made its ceremonious debut

With the arrival of the 5G+8K ultra-HD intelligent display era, people are more demanding when it comes to elements like image quality and resolution. As a new generation display technology, Micro LED has been an opportunity to become a technology power for display manufacturers at home and abroad to seize. Key upstream and downstream companies in the display industry chain scramble to increase investment in Micro LED, further driving the development of Micro LED display technology. Supported by its strong technological strengths, Absen has developed a meticulous strategy for Micro LED. It launched the Micro LED technology in the first half of 2021, attracting extensive attention from the industry.

At the autumn launch, the new generation premium Micro LED display products, the Clear Cobalt series that Absen spent five years developing, made its ceremonious debut. This is a high-quality, stable product incorporating the inverted COB encapsulation technology and the HDR 10 core algorithm. Adopting the all-black coating technology and the black level correction technology, the product can achieve an excellent display effect of ultra-black surface, high brightness and high contrast ratio. It also offers lifelike image quality and comfortable viewing experience, while at the same time featuring damp-proof, dust-proof, abrasion-proof, oxidation-resistance, electrostatic prevention and blue-ray prevention. The product has multiple indoor use cases including high-end conference rooms, control rooms, radio and television studios, and luxury homes.

LED virtual movie studio solution proudly showed up

As an emerging application that has attracted much attention in recent years, LED virtual movie studio brings amazing professional shooting results with lifelike display, outstanding visual effect and immersive experience in current use cases such as film and television production as well as studios. At the autumn launch, Absen’s LED virtual movie studio solution made a wonderful debut. With reliable products, quality service and a leading market position, Absen is committed to promoting the application of the LED virtual movie studio to empower the film and television cultural industry.

Furthermore, the new generation HC series of professional small pitch products, the AX Pro series of MiniLED and HD lease products, and the MR series of professional stage floor tile screens were also released at the launch, satisfying different needs of various customers and providing a variety of options.

With the universal Covid-19 vaccinations in 2021, the global pandemic has gradually stabilized, and business activities have begun to resume. The LED display market demand is picking up, and the industry as a whole is showing an upward trend. Absen is also experiencing a strong recovery in its global market.

The products and solutions shown at the launch are Absen’s latest achievements in the LED display area, which also represent the development direction of the entire industry. Moving forward, Absen will continue to focus on customers’ needs and develop more leading technological products to lead industry changes, striving for the next level of development through unremitting efforts in innovation.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the Absen 2021 autumn product launch! Although the live streaming is over, the excitement continues! Copy this link to view the playback:

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