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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

Zymo Research Pays it Forward With Their Commitment to Eradicate the COVID-19 Pandemic in India

DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect™ reagent eliminates RNA extraction for rapid deployment of COVID-19 tests in affected countries

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zymo Research has donated one million COVID-19 test kits that include its new DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect™ reagent and collection devices to Mapmygenome™ based in Hyderabad, India. Mapmygenome is a molecular diagnostics company that provides personalized DNA testing, COVID-19 testing, and genetic counseling to its customers. It offers personalized health solutions to its customers based on genetic tests. They have provided COVID-19 testing throughout the pandemic at their state-of-the-art molecular testing, cGLP-compliant laboratory as well as an onsite laboratory at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, India where they test incoming passengers for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect, a reagent similar to Zymo Research’s established DNA/RNA Shield™, safeguards viral RNA from degradation for safe, ambient temperature collection and transportation of samples without the need for nucleic acid extraction. Removing the nucleic acid extraction step reduces the time to get PCR test results. Compared to other reagents, DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect does not inhibit downstream RT-PCR. The DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect testing kit contains the DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect reagent with swab collection devices.

“DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect enables countries seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases to perform COVID-19 testing without extraction; therefore, removing the barrier of limited extraction resources. It’s our way of providing humanitarian support to people in need,” said Dr. Marc Van Eden, Vice President of Business Development at Zymo Research. “We teamed up with Mapmygenome because of their ability to rapidly deploy and analyze RT-PCR testing.”

“In India, where testing supplies and vaccinations are difficult to obtain, testing is imperative to diagnosing the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said Anu Acharya, Founder and CEO of Mapmygenome. She continued, “While many biotechnology and testing suppliers have tended to concentrate on their domestic testing efforts, we appreciate Zymo Research’s global humanitarian effort to help eradicate COVID-19.”

For more information about DNA/RNA Shield – DirectDetect and Zymo Research’s donation program, visit their website. 

About Zymo Research Corp.

Zymo Research is a privately owned company that has been serving the scientific and diagnostics community with state-of-the-art molecular biology tools since 1994. The company’s vision “The Beauty of Science is to Make Things Simple” is reflected in all of their products, from epigenetics to DNA/RNA purification technologies. Historically recognized as the leader in epigenetics, Zymo Research is breaking boundaries with novel solutions for sample collection, microbiomic measurements, diagnostic devices, and NGS technologies that are high quality and simple to use. Follow Zymo Research on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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