Libyan Flag

On Thursday, Egypt put forward several proposals to restore security, stability and sovereignty in Libya, most notably the renewal of commitment and support for the implementation of the ceasefire.

This came during a speech by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry at the meeting of the African Peace and Security Council chaired by Chad, which was held via video communication technology, according to a statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.


Egypt called for “the renewal of commitment and support for the implementation of the ceasefire agreement (..) and the exit of foreign forces, mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya.”

She also pointed out the need to “move forward towards finalizing the procedures for reviewing and revising the African Convention against Mercenaries.”

And it called for “strengthening joint cooperation at the continental level to track the movement and activities of mercenaries, establishing mechanisms for tracking and exchanging information, and enacting or amending internal criminal legislation in line with combating this danger.”

Egypt also stressed “the need for the international community to contribute to supporting programs for the integration and rehabilitation of elements involved in armed groups after their demobilization, and to develop appropriate programs to disarm the weapons in their possession,” according to the same statement.

And earlier on Thursday, the African Peace and Security Council held a meeting via video communication technology, to discuss the restoration of Libya to its comprehensive stability and prosperity of its people.

On March 16, an international dialogue resulted in an elected transitional authority in Libya, comprising a unity government and a presidential council, assuming its duties to lead the country to parliamentary and presidential elections, on December 24.