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Saturday, October, 1, 2022

Press Release

Walnuts from Chile Launched in India

The season of gifting and festivities is almost here and Walnuts from Chile are in India now to be a part of our celebrations this time! ChileNut, the grower and exporter association of Chilean walnuts with the support of ProChile, the institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that promotes the supply of Chilean goods and services in the world has launched the very first generic promotion campaign in India to introduce the Chilean Walnuts to Indian consumers.


Left to Right: Ms. Marcela Zúñiga Alegría, Trade Commissioner, ProChile, H.E. Mr. Juan Angulo, Ambassador of Chile to India and Mr. Sumit Saran, In-Country Marketing Representative, Chile Walnuts India


H.E. Mr. Juan Angulo, Ambassador of Chile to India launched the promotion campaign at a reception hosted at his residence in New Delhi on October 1. Speaking on the occasion Ambassador Angulo remarked that, “Chile and India are strategic partners and the two countries are working closely to enhance bilateral trade. Chile being in the southern hemisphere, perfectly complements the Indian production period. This counter seasonality allows Indian consumers to try out fresh Chilean products when supplies from other origins are unavailable. Chilean walnut is recognized as being the best in the world, thanks to its extra-light color, freshness and its high yield. I am delighted to see them here in India.”


Speaking to the media via a video call, Mr. Edmundo Valderrama, President, ChileNut remarked, “Chile is the largest exporter of walnuts in the southern hemisphere and second largest globally. Chilean walnuts are being exported to over 70 countries and India is now one of our fastest growing markets.” 


Ms. Marcela Zúñiga Alegría, Trade Commissioner of ProChile, New Delhi said that, “Chile has unique natural conditions that allows it to grow very high-quality walnuts that are renowned across the globe. The Andes to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atacama Desert in the north and Antarctica in the south provide natural barriers to Chile and guard the orchards from any harm. I am sure Indian consumers will love the taste of these walnuts that are preferred across the world.”


Speaking on the India campaign, Mr. Sumit Saran, In-Country Marketing Representative for Chilean Walnuts remarked, “We foresee immense potential of Chilean Walnuts in India. The demand here for high quality walnuts is continuously rising. Chile will have an important role as the production of walnuts in Chile is 100% counter seasonal to Indian walnuts and also to other northern hemisphere walnut origins that are supplying to the market. The harvest of Chilean walnuts happens in May-July period and the walnuts will be in India, August onwards, perfectly in time for our festive period. We have chalked out an extensive trade and media strategy to take this clearest and the freshest walnut to discerning Indian consumers across the country. These walnuts are available both with retailers and on E-commerce platforms.”


Also present at the launch were leading Indian nutritionist Ms. Neelanjana Singh, world renowned Chef Manjit Singh Gill and leading patisserie Chef Sahil Mehta. They all spoke to the media about the high quality of Chilean Walnuts and how consumers should make it a part of their daily diet.

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