ATUM Charge is a self-sustaining solar powered Electric Vehicle universal charging station that has been set up across India to help build an EV Charging infrastructure and to promote the adoption of electric vehicles
HYDERABAD, India, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ATUM Charge (A Visaka Industries Ltd initiative) launched 10 Universal EV Charging Station across the country. The EV Charging Stations were launched in Pune and Nagpur (Maharashtra), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Rae Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), Jhajjar (Haryana), Sambalpur (Odisha), Tumkur (Karnataka), Midnapore (West Bengal), Paramathi (Tamil Nadu) and Miryalguda (Telangana). The locations were specifically chosen keeping in mind the company’s strategy of targeting Tier 1 and Tier 2 towns and cities, as well as the encouraging rate of adoption of EVs in these states. 

ATUM Charge is India’s first 100% Green, Self-Sustaining, Solar-Powered EV Charging Station. ATUM Charge helps customers truly adopt sustainable and eco-friendly ways of commute. Each ATUM Charge EV Charging Station needs just about 200 square feet, and takes around a week to be installed. The cost of each ATUM Charge station varies on the area available. However, on an average, each station costs around INR 10 Lakh, and can also help in generating employment besides supporting the adoption of EVs.

With the launch of its universal EV charging stations, ATUM Charge, is building an environment-friendly and sustainable eco-system which re-enforces the Company’s commitment towards sustainability. Speaking on the launch of the ATUM Charge Universal EV Charging Stations across India, Vamsi Gaddam, Founder of ATUM Charge said, “With the launch of 10 ATUM Charge EV Charging Stations, we have renewed our pledge to support the EV ecosystem in India. EVs are the need of the hour as they helps save the environment from harmful emissions and help in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and reducing our fuel costs. ATUM Charge is India’s first 100% Green, Universal EV Charging Station and I invite people and other like-minded corporates to contact us if they are interested in setting up ATUM Charge stations in their towns and cities.”

Currently ATUM Charge has installed 4 KW capacity panels, which can conveniently charge up to 10-12 vehicles (2/3/4 wheeler) per day, given that any EV today takes between 6-8 hours for a full charge. The facility has three charging sockets. The company will be installing an additional capacity of 6 KW, making it possible to charge 25-30 vehicles per day.

ATUM Charge is a unique EV Charging Station, which is very different from other EV charging stations, as it uses ATUM, the world’s first Electricity Generating Integrated Solar Roof. It enables the entire electric vehicle charging proposition to move to 100% solar whereas, conventional EV Charging Stations use thermal power to generate electricity. This puts additional pressure on the electricity grid, further accentuating the power problem plaguing the country.

The company is looking to collaborate with interested corporates and individuals who own land in prime urban areas and are willing to let it out on a lease basis for a period of ten years and beyond. Besides generating a monthly income, on which Visaka will give a year-on-year increment, this would also contribute to making the planet cleaner and lead to the speedier adoption of EVs.

ATUM Charge, the universal EV Charging Stations for all EVs, will also serve as the service station for Atumobile’s ATUM 1.0, a café racer styled e-bike, as well as its official test ride centre. To support its customers and encourage the adoption of EVs, Atumobile customers will be allowed to charge their e-bikes for free, whereas other brand EV owners will only be charged a nominal fee at ATUM Charge Stations. Each ATUM Charge Stations will also have free Wi-Fi and workstations which can be used by people, as a satellite office, as they charge their electric vehicles.

About ATUM Charge

ATUM Charge, 100% Green, Self-Sustaining, Solar-Powered, Universal EV Charging Station. The first ATUM Charge Universal EV Charging Station was launched in Hyderabad in September 2021. ATUM Charge is a unique EV Charging Station which is very different from other EV charging stations as it uses ATUM, the world’s first Electricity Generating Integrated Solar Roof.

ATUM Charge will enable the entire electric vehicle charging proposition to move to 100% solar whereas, currently, most EV charging stations use electricity produced by thermal power generation, which is one of the primary sources of pollution, completely defeating the purpose of moving to environment-friendly power.  Conventional EV Charging Stations, which use thermal power to generate electricity, also put additional pressure on the electricity grid further accentuating the power problem plaguing the country.

ATUM Charge stations will be fabricated using Vnext boards – a range of fibre cement boards which are excellent eco-friendly alternatives to gypsum, wood, and plywood.  ATUM Charge therefore would be generating green energy and promoting green commute in the real sense of the word.

About Visaka Industries Ltd:

Established in 1981, Visaka Industries (NSE: VISAKAIND) (BSE: VISAKAIND) has emerged as a sustainable business enterprise over the years and has become the second-largest roofing manufacturer in the country with close to 5000 direct and indirect employees. Each of Visaka’s products is crafted to meet sustainability demands. Having started with manufacturing corrugated cement fibre sheets in 1985, Visaka in 1991 had diversified and implemented synthetic yarn with revolutionary Twin Air Jet spinning technology. While the fashion industry is reeling under the tag of being the second largest polluter in the world, Visaka’s Wonder Yarn, manufactured from sustainable yarn from PET bottles, understands that style must meet sustainability. Its production has impacted about 146 million PET bottles from piling up in dump yards.

In 2008, the company began to manufacture eco-friendly fibre cement boards and related applications under the brand Vnext. Concentrating on the deforestation issue, we have developed the Vnext line into an eco-friendly substitute to materials like plywood, gypsum boards, and sand/water-based construction, which have helped us to save over four lakh trees from deforestation. Our Vnext products are holistic solutions for eco-friendly interior and exterior construction. Used as false ceiling, mezzanine flooring, fixed furniture, and wet area construction, our products aid prefab and fast construction wall solutions.

 The world’s first Integrated Solar roof, ATUM was spectacularly introduced by the company, in the year 2018. The newest offering from Visaka is Vnext Solutions – a one-stop, eco-friendly turn-key solution for all construction one’s needs – to build homes, office, industrial and other spaces from scratch to finish. Vnext Solutions can conveniently be accessed through a mobile app. A pan-Indian company, Visaka, is headquartered in Hyderabad. Our products are available across India and extensively exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, and African countries. 

For more queries, please contact:

Kashyap Goli

Head of Communications and Brand

ATUM Charge

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The Good Edge

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