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                            Kolkata, West Bengal, India:
                         With Durga Puja round the corner, Bengali’s most loved Footwear Brand - Khadim has set into a Social Media Burst-Out Influencer Campaign #AbarPujoyJustKhadim, associating with 17 Top Super Stars from Tollywood. Some of them who have collaborated in the campaign include - Ms. Sayantika Banerjee, Ms. Priyanka Sarkar, Ms. Sohini Sarkar, Ms. Ditipriya Roy, Ms. Madhumita Sarcar, Ms. Trina Saha, Ms. Sayani Ghosh, Mr. Sourav Das & Mr. Rohan Bhattacharya.

Tapping the new trend of maximum social media content engagement by the Gen Zs, Millennials, and even the Gen Xs for almost 2-3 hours a day, Khadim has aligned its marketing strategy to reach the potential younger audience through digital platforms only.
“Khadim as a brand has been constantly reinventing itself to remain as a relevant option for youngsters while choosing affordable fashion footwear brand under all the categories – Heels, Flats, Work Wear, Sports, Canvas, Comfort, Outdoor, Casual, Contemporary, Sandals, Formals, Loafers & Chappals. This time, instead of its conventional marketing channels, we chose to go the digital way. The Campaign is giving Khadim enough eyeballs to garner visibility for its festive products. Incidentally, Khadim also held a very successful Durga Puja campaign #EbarPujoyJustKhadim in the last year,” said Mr. Mainak Banerjee, National Marketing Head, Khadim.
Khadim has introduced its AW21 assortment which is very fashionable, trendy, edgy, vibrant, and yet wallet-friendly as always. The ranges are already in stores and website now. Just check them out.About Khadim

Khadim’s began in the 1960s as a humble shoe store in Chitpur to become a popular and much-loved footwear brand of the new millennia. The journey of more than 50 years has been more than just rewarding; it has given Khadim’s much of its business philosophy and consumer approach.

Khadim was established in December 1981 as S.N. Footwear Industries Private Limited, a private limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956, with the Registrar of Companies. Through the next many years, the company was involved in whole-selling and distribution of branded basic utility footwear. From 1993, with its foray into retailing, Khadim emerged as a popular fashion footwear brand. Today, Khadim has grown to 799 branded exclusive retail stores across 23 states and 1 Union Territory nationally and is one of India’s largest branded footwear retail players in terms of exclusive stores operating under the Khadim’s brand through the Retail vertical. The core business objective of Khadim is ‘Fashion for Everyone’, and the Company has established an identity as an ‘affordable fashion’ brand, catering to the entire family for all occasions.

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