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Turkcell, a parent company of Turkey’s global life and communication platform BiP has recently launched ‘STATUS’, a new feature for BiP users to instantly share their videos and photos adding text to images and allowing other users to view and comment on it. It allows users to share new as well as archived images or videos from their photo gallery. With this new feature, users will not only get to know who has viewed their ‘STATUS’ but can also view and comment on ‘STATUS’ of other BiP users from their contact list through chat window.

User feedback is helping Turkcell improve BiP

Commenting on the newly launched feature, Mr. Atac Tansug, Executive Vice President of Digital Services and Solutions, Turkcell said, “We are happy to announce the launch of the most awaited feature on our app ‘STATUS’. We always strive to update our services with the feedback from our esteemed users and introduction of ‘STATUS’ is a result of it. Our users have been demanding a ‘STATUS’ feature for a long time and finally it is available on our platform. We at Turkcell upgrade all our products and services as per the latest requirements in terms of both safety and privacy. We are investing in new security features at the moment and aim to introduce end-to-end security by the end of this year.”

Turkcell makes a difference with advanced features

Turkcell stores BiP users’ data at special high-security data centres across Turkey. BiP itself features an HD voice and group video call conferencing system (max. ten people) and an HD photo sharing. Likewise, its ‘instant translation’ feature allows its users to chat in up to 106 different languages. BiP also contains an Emergency Button that allows users to share where they are and if they are affected during a natural disaster. Everyone – regardless of the operator – can use BiP anywhere they are. BiP’s ‘group import feature allows users to transfer groups and chat histories quickly and easily from the previous messaging app over to BiP. If friends already have BiP, users can automatically add them to the group without any hassle – no more having to hunt and pick!

To access the BiP’s latest version at GooglePlay AppStore, GooglePlay and Huawei AppGallery, please visit

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