NEW DELHI, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The onset of winters brings farm fires with it, massively impacting the nation’s capital and bringing its air quality index down and increasing the pollution up to 20 times higher than the safe threshold levels defined by the World Health Organization. Experts suggested that Covid-19 and its effects worsen with a deterioration in air quality and cited a direct link between 30% of total covid deaths in the world and air pollution. In addition to this, the air that the people breathe inside the car can be 10 times more dangerous than what is outside. Nirvana Being, a premier Clean Air Solutions business in India has launched their Airific Car Cabin Air Filter which replaces the existing filter below the glove compartment and brings the air quality within the recommended WHO range in 2 minutes of switching the AC on.

“India has the worst communicable disease, and the worst air pollution record on the planet.  In Urban environments especially, our highest exposure to air pollution is in a car as we roll along bumper-to-bumper, with fumes from the car in front of us getting picked up by the AC of our car.

Nirvana Being’s Airific Car Cabin Filter is one thing I have been using for some time now that has efficiently proven to bring the Air Quality Index (AQI) within the WHO recommended range within 2 minutes of switching it on. I replaced my Non-Pollution Filter with this DIY product and my family and I are breathing pure air. I hope you replace yours soon too!” –  Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO Nirvana Being

About the product- 

Nirvana Being’s Airific Car Cabin Filter is empowered with Active Molecular Technology (AMT). This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) product which replaces the existing filter in a slot behind the glove compartment.  The product creates a barrier for PM 2.5, PM 1, SOX & NOX gasses, pollen, bacteria, TVOCs and viruses, and prevents them from both entering the cabin of the car and also recirculating within the cabin.

As soon as the Air flow enters, it goes through 3 layers before it gets ready for people to breathe. Layer 1: where Dust and pollen gets captured. Then it goes through the 2nd layer which is called the AMT layer, here PM2.5, PM10, bacteria, and other germs are captured. Then the air comes to the 3rd layer where it meets optimally packed Activated carbon material that entraps Harmful gases, VOCs, and Odour.  This filter has a life of 6 months, assuming an average usage of 2 hours daily. 

Clearly, the Airific Car Cabin Filter is a novel approach to bring health and safety to the car and a great way to reduce exposure to the toxic cocktail on the highways.

About Nirvana Being (

Founded in 2015, the name Nirvana Being has become synonymous with sustainable, scientific, and responsible clean air solutions to shield you from harmful pollutants/viruses in the air and allow you to live a healthy life, without compromising your lifestyle. We offer an array of products that protect you everywhere you go- both indoor and outdoor, including specialized masks certified by Nelson Labs, USA with >95% viral filtration efficiency, and air purification and monitoring solutions for homes, cars, and centrally conditioned buildings to make clean air more accessible.


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