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Saudi Arabia .. The launch of the first version of the Women’s Football League

On Saturday, the Saudi Football Association announced the launch of the first edition of the Saudi Women’s Football League.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation, Yasser bin Hassan Al-Mishal, said that “this announcement is an important moment in the path of the Federation.”

He pointed out that launching the first official women’s league in the Kingdom was one of the Federation’s goals when launching a women’s football department.


The league, which will start on November 22, will be held in two phases through the District League.

Al-Mishal explained that the federation has finished preparing all the rules and regulations for the league, stressing the keenness to implement and adhere to them due to the importance of this version in the path of Saudi women’s football.

Lamia bin Bahian, a member of the Saudi Federation’s board of directors, director of the Women’s Football Department, expressed her happiness that “the dream of the Saudi Women’s League has turned into a reality.”

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