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Press Release

Reverie’s Prabandhak Enhances Platform Experience with the Launch of Version 2.5


                            Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:
                         <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Reverie Language Technologies</a> announces the launch of <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Prabandhak</a> Version 2.5, where the platform features additional benefits of unlimited platform usage, one-click NMT, effective word count, and expanded marketplace, which empowers freelance translators, and LSPs to ‘DO MORE, EARN MORE’, and enables enterprises to go-to-market faster with reduced costs.Prabandhak’s AI-powered version 2.5 is a unique hybrid translation management system that combines Neural Machine + Human Translation (NMT+HT). It works hand-in-hand with human translators and editors and has been designed and trained to meet the specifications of Indian languages. The platform facilitates speedy, effective, and efficient translation to meet the ever-growing market needs owing to digital acceleration.

The new and enhanced feature of one-click NMT allows the platform users to apply NMT at the project creation stage; which minimises the effort of translation, enabling faster go-to-market with the help of Machine Translation Post Edit (MTPE). Additionally, the platform’s feature ‘Effective Word Count’ allows users to minimise the cost of translation.

The upgrades were made specifically to enable all Prabandhak users to achieve the utmost benefits from their subscriptions.

For Enterprises:

Unlimited Platform Usage & Project Creation
One-Click NMT + MTPE – to go-to-market faster
Effective Word Count – outsource only unique word count
Real-Time Project Updates – for efficient execution & quick turnaround time
Expanded Marketplace – to find, collaborate and engage with proficient LSPs & translators

For LSPs:
Unlimited Project Creation & Platform Usage
One-Click NMT +MTPE – to help your clients go-to-market faster
Effective Word Count – that minimises TAT, overhead cost & effort
Build & Manage Organisations
Enhanced End-to-End Project Management
Expanded Marketplace – to find, collaborate & engage with proficient translators

For Freelance Translators:
Unlimited Platform Usage & Project Creation
‘One-Click NMT’ + MTPE – to help you reduce efforts & TAT
Prabandhak’s Marketplace – to ‘Do More, Earn More’
Find & engage with enterprises & LSPs
Enhance Translation Efficiency – with spell checker & dictionary
Besides these, a few other existing features are also enhanced.

“Our AI-powered Translation Management Hub ‘Prabandhak’ has catapulted in Indian language translation. Yes, with more than 6000 translators and 15 LSPs contributing to our recent record of 1.6 crore words across 21 Indian languages within 6 months – we continue to look forward to accomplishing more regarding penetration into the industry before our upcoming release,” says Vinay Raj, Vice President – Translation Services, Reverie Language Technologies.

The above statement assures the platform’s present and future users that there’s much reward in using Prabandhak and there’s still more to come.

About Reverie Language Technologies

Reverie Language Technologies is a mission-first company, striving to drive “Language Equality on the Internet”.

We empower businesses and governments through our proprietary language technologies for text, voice, and video across the entire gamut of a digital customer’s journey.

These include machine translation, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech conversions, search and discovery, Indic fonts, etc. Our technologies and solutions power digital assets like websites, applications (mobile/web), chatbots, IVRs, and more.

Our confidence exudes from over a decade of experience in advanced language localization technology and translation services. We deliver cutting-edge solutions to both government and enterprises with a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals focusing on delivering language equality on the internet.

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