Delivering Efficient Large-Scale Clusters from Portfolio of Over 30 GPU Systems and Off the Shelf Liquid Cooled Solutions Supporting Up to 350 Watt CPUs and 500 Watt GPUs
SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global leader in high-performance computing, storage, networking solutions, and green computing technology, is expanding its HPC market reach for a broad range of industries by innovating at the system and cluster level. With its Total IT Solutions, Supermicro can deliver complete rack-level solutions faster and at a lower cost to not only scientific research organizations but also to enterprise customers in diverse industries such as manufacturing, life sciences, and energy exploration, as HPC and AI converge.

The new Universal GPU server allows customers to choose the best CPUs, GPUs, and switch configurations for their applications and workloads, including dual-processor configurations using either the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor or the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processor. The Universal GPU system enables system administrators to standardize HPC/AI systems in their clusters for the desired workloads on a single platform that is both versatile and flexible. This unique system has been optimized for various GPUs, including the newly announced AMD InstinctTM MI200 series accelerators and NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Supermicro systems, such as the SuperBlade® and BigTwin® systems, are optimized for HPC applications where density, scalability, and power savings are critical. The Universal GPU server with AMD Instinct™, MI200 series accelerators, will be showcased in Supermicro’s SC’21 booth, #1117.

“Supermicro is committed to delivering complete IT Solutions composed of advanced HPC clusters for customers that outpace industry standard lead times leveraging our newly expanded US and Taiwan manufacturing facilities,” said Charles Liang, president, and CEO of Supermicro. “We can now deliver large numbers of liquid-cooled clusters that use state-of-the-art computing technologies, allowing customers to get up and running quickly, resulting in reduced costs. With our Made in the USA initiative, plus other programs, customers can design optimized HPC and AI systems for their exact workloads. In addition, the upcoming Universal GPU system will provide customers a variety of complete systems with a choice of the CPU, GPU, and switch technologies.” 

While Supermicro continues to design the most efficient air-cooled systems, liquid cooling is becoming a necessary technology for high-performing servers, such as the Supermicro SuperBlade® and GPU servers containing the latest CPUs and GPUs. The new Supermicro manufacturing facilities are equipped to manufacture entire liquid-cooled clusters, tested at scale before customer shipment.

“We continue to work with Supermicro for some of our large-scale HPC systems for our open science projects,” stated Matt Leininger, Sr. Principal HPC, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). “LLNL is a leader in investigating new computing technologies to reduce time to solve numerically intensive applications. We look forward to a continued relationship with Supermicro.”

Historically, Supermicro has designed and worked with partners on creating the most energy-efficient HPC systems available today. As a result, the Preferred Networks MN-3 Core Server optimized for Intel Xeon CPUs has recently been ranked #1 in energy efficiency on the Green 500 list, determining which large systems deliver the most performance per watt.

Supermicro at SC21:

Online (available at 6:00 AM CST, November 15, 2021)  

Supermicro and IDC – CEOTechTalk
Charles Liang, Founder, President, and CEO, Supermicro Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President, IDCInnovations in High-Performance Storage Solutions in HPC
Mike Scriber, Sr. Director, Server Solution Management, Supermicro; Peter Rutten, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, IDCSystem and Rack Level Cooling Design Advancements in HPC with Liquid Cooling
Mark Ng, Sr. Product Manager, Supermicro; Brian Wu, Sr. Manager, Thermal Engineering, Supermicro; Peter Rutten, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, IDCUniversal GPU System, Modular by Design
Josh Grossman, Principal Product Manager, Supermicro; Peter Rutten, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, IDC Innovations in High-Density Computing in HPC
Michael Ocampo, Product Manager, Supermicro; Luis Garcia, Director, Blade Solutions, Supermicro; Peter Rutten, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, IDCDelivering Rack Plug & Play Total IT Solutions for HPC
Winston Tang, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Supermicro; Peter Rutten, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, IDCIn-booth Sessions (Booth #1117)

Supermicro HPC Solutions
Tuesday, Nov. 16 | 11:00 AM (CST) Speaker: Raphael Wong, VP, Servers and Solutions, SupermicroHabana AI Processors and Supercomputing Case Study
Tuesday, Nov. 16 | 3:00 PM (CST) Speaker: Thomas Jorgensen, Sr. Director, Technology Enablement, SupermicroStorage, Systems, Standardization, and Snakes
Wednesday, Nov. 17 | 11:00 AM (CST) Speaker: Cameron Harr, LC I/O Strategist, Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHow Did We Make #1 Twice in Green500?
Wednesday, Nov. 17 | 3:00 PM (CST) Speaker: Yusuke Doi, VP of Computing Infrastructure, Preferred NetworksAbout Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Supermicro (SMCI), the leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology, is a premier provider of advanced Server Building Block Solutions® for Enterprise Data Center, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing Systems worldwide. Supermicro is committed to protecting the environment through its “We Keep IT Green®” initiative and provides customers with the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions available on the market.

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