PMI to Launch a Teleport Quiz and Fly Five Lucky Winners to IPL 2021

Parimatch is all set to intensify product gamification by adding new tools and enhancing the gaming experience for its users. PMI, a service company engaged in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for Parimatch, announced the new initiation and is all set to witness the ascent of the gaming sector in the country.


Customise your profile in your own style


Introducing the newbies to the audience, the brand intends to give the players an opportunity to receive rewards for the efforts made on the platform and motivate their growth in the profile. The central aim of the launch remains to play with a joyous spirit and make work feel like leisure. The feeling of accomplishment in the game shall boost the players to perform as per their utmost potential and encourage them to connect densely with Parimatch.


The nascent addition to the product will include gamification in the form of Sticker Books. When placing bets on certain sports or performing the necessary actions with the game account (verification, deposit, etc.), users will open sticker books and stickers for them. This shall further introduce the mechanics of collecting.


Sticker Books will serve as a thematic collection of stickers (pictures) received for certain actions in the system and shall be stored on a separate page of the client’s profile in the form of album/ book icons. Under each such hiccup they will witness a progress bar that displays the completeness of filling the album with stickers. A fully filled album will be highlighted with a frame and the progress bar will change to a green checkmark representing “Done”. Clients can view only those sticker books that contain at least one sticker. They can open any available album by clicking and flipping through the pages with stickers. When viewing the sticker book, they’ll see the outlines of the stickers that still need to be pasted into the album on each page of it and the stickers that they have already pasted. Above each page of the album, the clients will observe a progress bar and the reward that they will receive when they paste all the stickers on the page and all stickers in the album.


Collecting stickers for this book will be as simple as the client receiving one random sticker for each bet that meets the pre-set conditions such as the amount of the bet, the final odds of the bet, sport, tournament, the team, market, type of bet, and other conditions of seasonal events and PvP tournaments in the following versions. For instance, sports themed stickers will be awarded for bets placed on the corresponding sport: football, cricket, basketball, etc. Along with sticker books, if the terms and conditions align with the company’s set rules, players shall also get a free bet.


The Parimatch aim is to connect with their users and create a sense of accomplishment for the players. Launching new tools in gamification will enable the clients to engage in the game and enjoy the perks of being good at it. With this launch, Parimatch look forward to offering rewards and creating a cherishable experience for everyone.


Introducing these tools to product gamification will not only make the game intriguing but also drive a higher user-engagement and improve user interactivity.


About Parimach

Parimatch is the world-leading betting company founded in 1994 which employs a digital-focused strategy to meet all the challenges of today’s reality. The company has come a long way and is continuously developing and improving the quality of its customer experience, which is enjoyed by over 2.6 million users across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


Parimatch’s team of champions includes such stars as Conor McGregor, the living legend of boxing Mike Tyson and Dale Willem Steyn, one of the greatest bowlers of all time. It also includes partnerships with one of the most famous football leagues in the world, such as LaLiga, as well as with the biggest teams in the world: Chelsea, Juventus, Leicester City and Everton.


About PMI

PMI is a service company, engaged in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for the Parimatch brand in the markets of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The company provides the tech, marketing, and communications services for partners in the betting industry. Innovations, new technologies, and the desire to provide the best gaming experience for the customers are what drives PMI forward.

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