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                            Portland, Ore., United States & Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
                         <p>Hemex Health announced a major enhancement to its Gazelle platform that allows its Hb Variant test to detect beta thalassemia disease and trait in addition to sickle cell disease and trait. The enhanced Hb Variant test detects beta thalassemia with accuracy close to the standard laboratory tests HPLC and capillary electrophoresis. Unlike lab tests, which cost tens of thousands of dollars and carry a high cost per test, the Gazelle reader from Hemex Health costs about the same as an iPhone and testing costs only a few dollars.</p>


Installed base Gazelle devices will be updated automatically with the expanded capabilities. Gazelle devices already in use for testing for sickle cell disease and trait will be updated automatically with the expanded capabilities. The upgrade transforms the Gazelle platform into the world’s first complete, low cost, on-site, rapid testing (8-minute) solution for beta thalassemia.


“Beta thalassemia can be a very serious disease that often goes undetected before it is too late in India and many other parts of the world,” said Tulika Seth, MD, Founding Trustee and Professor of Hematology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. “Early diagnosis at the point-of-care means that children’s lives can be saved, and the condition managed, if it is caught early enough.”


“Young adults especially need to understand their status before marriage since they may carry the trait,” said Dr. Tulika Seth. “The affordability and convenience of a point-of-care test will provide easier access so millions of couples can make informed reproductive choices, ensure appropriate maternal care, and facilitate diagnosis in infants.”


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