MUMBAI, India, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dole Sunshine is synonymous with good taste and good health across the world. With its entry into the India market in 2019, the brand now offers a wide array of deliciously guilt-free offerings including Dried

Fruits, Dole Juice Gels and Fruit Bowls. Dole Sunshineactively supports the idea of fresh, natural flavours based on real fruits. In keeping with this festival timing, Dole Sunshine India is all ‘juiced up’ to launch Dole 100% Fruit Juice – a refreshing pineapple drink enriched with Vitamin C.

In a huge market for juices, most of the packed fruit juices contain added sugar and preservatives along with the fruit pulp, whereas Dole is introducing 100% Pineapple Juice which is all-natural with no added sugar or artificial preservatives. This successfully makes it one of the very few juice offerings in the market that does not contain added sugar. What’s more, its zesty pineapple flavour with vitamin C fortification makes it a terrific choice when looking for a pick-me-up during work, a fresh drink after a workout or if one simply want to pour the kids a tall glass of all-natural fruit juice.

As a brand, Dole Sunshine India has always believed in the wholesome goodness of fruits and this new beverage launch perfectly ties in with their principles. “At Dole, we believe that fruits are real powerhouses of nutrition. As an F&B brand, it is our duty to leverage this goodness for our consumers, so that they can incorporate such healthy changes in their daily lives. Moreover, we’ve always been against the idea of added preservatives or flavours, since our offerings have always been pure and packed with nutrition. And that’s how Dole 100% Fruit Juice came about. This new beverage is made from fresh fruit concentrate and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It’s also GMO-free and gluten-free, which makes it a tasty but healthy offering for children, too,” says Mudit Mathur of Dole Sunshine India.

Apart from being nutritious, unadulterated and pure, Dole 100% Fruit Juice is also a versatile drink. One can sip it as is, serve it in a mocktail or even use it to shake up a cocktail or two, to serve at house parties and get juiced up. Simply put, it’s pure pineapple goodness.


The name Dole Sunshine Company is used to represent the global interests and combined efforts of Dole Asia Holdings, Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods and Dole Asia Fresh. Dole Sunshine Company is not an actual business entity and does not operate as such in any country or region.Dole Sunshine entered India in 2019 with an aim to spread ‘Sunshine ForAll’ with healthy and nutritious snacks filling the gap for good nutrition as a part of everyday lives. Packed with premium quality dry fruits, jellies, and fruit bowls, Dole is here to give the perfect snack for anyone looking for piquant, healthier, and superior snacking alternatives.


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