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                            Kawasaki, Japan:
                         <p><a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation</a> ("Toshiba") has launched a high voltage transistor output automotive photocoupler, “<a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">TLX9188</a>,” for isolated signal communication in automotive equipment, including electric mobility vehicles. Volume shipments start today.</p>


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Toshiba: a 200V transistor output photocoupler TLX9188 for automotive applications. (Graphic: Business Wire)

TLX9188’s high voltage photo transistor delivers a collector-emitter voltage rating of 200V, 2.5 times higher than Toshiba’s current TLX9185A, a first for the company[1]. By specifying maximum values for switching characteristics (turn-on time, turn-off time), the new photocoupler can be used as a unidirectional switch. It can also be used in feedback circuits of analog signals in 100V to 200V equipment, helping to reduce the cost of application circuits.


[1] For an automotive photocoupler


Automotive equipment


Battery Management Systems:voltage monitoring, mechanical relay sticking detection, ground fault detection, etc.
Feedback of analog signals, etc.




High collector-emitter breakdown voltage: V(BR)CEO=200V (min)
High current transfer ratio: IC/IF=100% (min), rank GB
High isolation voltage: BVS=3750Vrms (min)
Wide operating temperature rating range: Topr= -40 to 125°C
AEC-Q101 qualified
IATF 16949 certified


Main Specifications


        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignr">(Unless otherwise specified, @Ta=25°C)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Part number</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin"><a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">TLX9188</a></p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Absolute maximum ratings</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Input forward current IF (mA)</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">30</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Collector current IC (mA)</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">50</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Operating temperature Topr (°C)</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">-40~125</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Electrical</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">characteristics</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Collector-emitter breakdown Voltage</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">V(BR)CEO min (V)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@IC=0.1mA,</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Ta= -40 to 125°C</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">200</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Dark current ICEO max (μA)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@VCE=200V</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">0.2</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Coupled</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">electrical characteristics</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Current transfer ratio IC/IF min (%)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@IF=5mA, VCE=5V,</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">rank GB</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">100</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Saturated current transfer ratio IC/IF(sat)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">min (%)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@IF=1mA,</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">VCE=0.4V,</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">rank GB</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">30</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Collector-emitter saturation voltage VCE(sat)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">max (V)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@IC=2.4mA, IF=8mA</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">0.4</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">OFF-state collector current IC(off)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">max (μA)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@VF=0.7V, VCE=200V</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">10</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Switching</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">characteristics</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Turn-on time tON max (μs)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">@RL=1.9kΩ, VCC=5V,</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">IF=10mA</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">100</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Turn-off time tOFF max (μs)</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">500</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Isolation</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">characteristics</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Isolation voltage BVS min (Vrms)</p>

        <p class="bwcellpmargin bwalignc">3750</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Package</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Name</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">4pin SO6</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Size typ. (mm)</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">3.7×7.0×2.1</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin">Sample Check & Availability</p>

        <p class="bwalignc bwcellpmargin"><a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">Buy Online</a></p>

    <p>Follow the link below for more on the new product.<a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">TLX9188</a></p>


Follow the link below for more on Toshiba’s photocouplers.Isolators/Solid State Relays


Follow the link below for more on Toshiba’s automotive devices.Automotive Devices


To check availability of the new product at online distributors, please visit:
TLX9188Buy Online


Customer Inquiries
Optoelectronic Device Sales & Marketing Dept.
Tel: +81-44-548-2218


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