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Zydus Wellness Chooses Pando to Accelerate Digital Transformation of Their Supply Chain and Logistics Operations


                            Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India:
                         <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Zydus Wellness</a>, one of the largest consumer goods companies with power brands like Complan, Sugar Free, Glucon-D, Nycil, Nutralite, Sugarlite, Everyuth, etc has chosen <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Pando</a>’s 10xTMS, a leading Networked-TMS Platform to accelerate the digital transformation of their supply chain and logistics operations.Zydus foresees a multi-fold growth by penetrating deeper markets within India and digitalizing their supply chain and logistics operations becomes vital to translate this vision. Trusted by more than 50 million consumers, Zydus has a complex network of 5 manufacturing facilities across 4 states, 24 distribution centers with Ambient and Cold-Chain Warehouses, 1700+ Distributors, 2000+ feet on ground to augment their consumer outreach and fulfill the demand potential.

Zydus is embarking on the digitalization of their supply chain and logistics operations with Pando to help optimize and scale effectively. Pando Networked TMS Platform will enable and drive:

Significant reduction in freight spends through optimal dispatch planning, powered by AI and ML.
100% visibility of shipments across the network with all stakeholders (CFAs, distributors and transporters) on a unified platform.
Seamless Freight Audit, Reconciliation, and Payment Process with complete digitalization of invoicing across the network, translating to 100% audit compliance.
Deep Analytics and Automatic Workflows enabling proactive data-driven decisions to overcome any supply chain disruptions.

Tarun Arora, CEO – Zydus Wellness said, “There is huge growth potential in the health and wellness segment as consumers want to be healthy and are looking for nutrition in the products, they consume every day. We realize that a robust supply chain and logistics operations powered by a scalable and intelligent Networked TMS platform is essential for us to fulfill our demand potential. We chose to partner with Pando because of the product – a world-class modern TMS which helps to unify our network stakeholders on a single platform, the people – a mission driven team of supply chain experts, and the best practices they bring, from their work across other customers.”

Parvesh Ghai, APAC CRO, Pando said, “Tarun is building a phenomenal, digital culture at Zydus. We are excited to partner with Zydus, with Tarun, Manoj, and their teams to help them realize significant value as they embark upon the digital transformation across their supply chain network. Our continuous focus on innovation across our product capabilities and our commitment to customer success is helping us address complex supply chain and logistics challenges as we scale globally.”

About Zydus Wellness

Zydus Wellness is a major player in the CPG space, operating with 7+ brands in the Health, Wellness, Skin and Beauty segments. The company has created new categories and occupies leadership positions within these categories. Zydus Wellness in its 30 plus years of its existence has exceeded consumer expectations by building innovation, embracing changing consumer behavior, being purposeful in thought and action towards its stakeholders across various geographies.

In addition to its existing brands like Sugarfree, Everyuth, and Nutralite and its acquisition on Heinz India portfolio of brands like Complan, Nycil, and Glucon-D. The expanded product portfolio is already established and occupies leadership position in sugar substitutes, peel-off, scrubs, table spreads, health drink segments. Touching consumer lives every day, Zydus brands make a positive impact on consumers.

About Pando 

Pando is a global leader in supply chain technology, building the world’s fastest, and highest ROI-driven networked-Transport Management System (TMS). Pando is the TMS of choice for Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies globally, with presence across Southeast Asia, Middle East and North America. Pando’s network-powered SaaS platform for supply chain execution helps enterprises digitalize, automate, and scale their logistics operations across all modes and legs of movement. Global manufacturers use Pando’s platform for end-to-end supply chain visibility, network-intelligent dispatch planning and optimization, freight audit and payment, predictive analytics, and running a central control tower for logistics. Pando’s customers who are global manufacturers vouch for Pando’s quick time to value, quantifiable ROI, and ability to easily integrate with both enterprise technology systems and carrier technology systems. If you are evaluating digital transformation of your logistics operations, reach out to Pando at or drop us a mail to [email protected]

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