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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN) Partners with KareKeBa Ventures (KKB) to Enable Technology Start-ups to Offer Impactful Solutions for ‘Bharat’

Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN), a community-backed Angel Network announces KareKeBa Ventures, a Patna-based accelerator-cum-angel investment platform as their strategic co-investment partner; to jointly evaluate and fund, industry-agnostic, technology start-ups in India, with a focus to positively impact ‘Bharat’.


DFAN & KKB sign strategic co-investment partnership


DFAN & KareKeBa are jointly evaluating about half a dozen start-ups spanning Fin-Tech, Agri-Tech, MarTech, Ed-Tech and Health-Tech.


The multi-segmented Indian health-tech market is booming and is forecasted to grow to $50 billion by 2033. However, a recent report threw light on the huge gap regarding on-ground impact, where ‘about 80% of doctors and 75% of dispensaries are serving only 28% of the country’s population living in urban India, leaving the rest in dire need of basic health facilities.’ Partnerships like these attempt to solve for this inequality and can result in the democratization of healthcare solutions to Tier 2, 3 & 4 cities and talukas in India.


Hence, DFAN and KKB proudly announce their first joint funding – ZiffyHealth. This seed funding round of about two crores, has been led by KareKeBa Ventures, joined by Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN) and supported by Jharkhand Angels Network.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Vivek Gupta, Director & Co-founder, DFAN said, “Adding Value is our priority and we want to ensure that our portfolio is both profitable as well as creates positive impact to the nation. Technology solutions are ubiquitous and can reach to the deeper parts of our country serving communities everywhere. We are a community-backed angel network formed with a vision to nurture & grow start-ups as well as to actively collaborate and partner with leading and kindred spirit organizations, such as KareKeBa who aim to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in smaller Indian towns.


Regarding our investment in Ziffy, we believe it is uniquely placed in an otherwise crowded healthcare start-up space. Through their tele-medicine platform, they will connect the missing dots in the current rural healthcare ecosystem. They are in line with the Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission (ABDHM) launched by our Hon’able PM on Sept 27th and intend to use the funding provided by us to develop artificial intelligence (AI) systems to deliver useable and actionable insights.”


Commenting on the collaboration, Ms. Avantika Sahay, Co-founder Karekeba Veentures said, “We are delighted to forge this strategic partnership with DFAN. KareKeBa’s core ideology is to emerge as a full stack platform to amalgamate grassroot level impact with financial returns and we endeavour to collaborate with leading organisations and investor networks around the world, to curate, handhold and provide investments to high potential start-ups. Speaking about the investment, she said, “a strong driver for our investment in Ziffy, is its expansion plans in Bharat hinterlands, starting with the state of Bihar where it can prove to be a game-changer.”


About KareKeBa Ventures (KKB)

Founded by Anubha Prasad and several other professionals from Bihar with a vision to take the India growth story to ‘Bharat’, KareKeBa (Kare-ke-ba – Bhojpuri) imbibes the spirit of ‘must do it’. Its vision is to help entrepreneurs with the right guidance, access to mentors, and capital to grow their business and through them, create socio-economic impact and generate wealth and employment in ‘Bharat’. At the same time, to create robust financial ROIs for its investors. Anubha says, “We are an organisation where ‘impact meets financial returns’”. KareKeBa’s angel investors include highly accomplished professionals from across India and global diaspora who want to invest in high potential start-ups working to create impact at scale. KKB is the pioneering angel platform in the Eastern India and the only one in Bihar. 


About Digital Futurists Angels Private Limited (DFAN)

DFAN is a global community-backed angel network and our philosophy is ‘Value Creation is our priority, Investment is a by-product’. DFAN was formed with a vision to help, nurture & grow the start-ups. We not only invest in a start-up that we choose after careful due diligence but our whole community actively contributes to the success of the start-up that we so choose. Our investment thesis is Sector agnostic, focused on Technology (both tech-led or tech-empowered) with a play in B2B and B2B2C as well as B2G.


Headquartered in Gurgaon, it is supported by a vibrant and rich Digital Futurists (DF) community of some of the smartest minds globally, pushing the envelope on bleeding-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Computer Vision etc. The community fosters collaboration for new business, mentorship, investments, learning across disciplines, and scaling and is spread across 20 cities and spans 4 continents.

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