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TORG Readies for Ambitious Global Expansion by Build Its Institutional Capacity


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
 The TORG Foundation has announced that following the successful launch of the world’s first utilimeme based cryptocurrency, TORG, it will now be extending its focus to the development of its institutional capacity. This would entail growing the governing body to pursue its wider mission of enabling futuristic financial technology in the service of mankind.
The way forward is very clear. It is needed to build on the momentum that was generated since the listings in multiple CEXs. The speed with which TORG has successfully listed on crypto exchanges like MEXC Global, Bithumb Global, BitMart, AAX, HotBit.io, DigiFinex, BitForex, etc., and the excellent response from the global crypto community, gives TORG a great confidence to move forward.”
 According to the Company, “We are very pleased to be integrated with the world’s first and leading altcoin payment system, CoinPayments. This brings TORG closer to realizing its potential as the world’s first utilimeme. We expect rapid and continued uptake by global crypto users due to the enablement of payments in TORG for virtually all kinds of goods and services.”
The TORG Foundation oversees the direction of TORG development and its alignment with its mission. Given the focus on sustainability, technology and human development, it sees the need to grow its institutional capacity for thought leadership and global engagement. It plans to hire top leaders from diverse backgrounds to its Board.
At the press time the Company commented, “The time is now right for us to build our institutional capacity to drive the TORG’s wider mission of facilitating human development with the help of technology. On the one hand, we continue to achieve new partnerships, and on the other, we are looking to engage top notch people to strengthen our Board of Directors. For us, this is just the beginning and we see an exciting journey ahead!’’
For more information and updates, visit www.torg.to or follow TORG on CoinMarketCap,  Twitter (@TorgTogether), Telegram Channel (@TORGTogether), Telegram Group (@TORG_Together), and Medium (blog.torg.to).

About TORG Foundation

The TORG Foundation aims to create long-term sustainability of TORG for its users by investing in the infrastructure for expanding utilimeme’s global reach, relevance and use cases. It views sustainability from the perspective of both the developed and the developing worlds with the aim of helping TORG become a globally acceptable cryptocurrency.
 Disclaimer: The information available on this article is for educational purposes only and not an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities, investment or tax advice. Purchasing cryptocurrencies comes with a number of risks. All Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made here. The data and non-TORG names are for informational and identification purposes only.  TORG is not being offered or distributed to any resident of or any person located or domiciled where such offering/distribution is prohibited, restricted, or unauthorized in any form or manner whether in full or in part under the laws, regulatory requirements, or rules in such jurisdiction.

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