Wonders from Dermatology Expert at your Dressing Table

Rarissime in French for “extremely rare”

Rarissime launches clean, uncomplicated and effective skincare in India


Bespoke homegrown skincare brand Rarissime has launched itself, inspired with the backing of science and the use of the most genuine of ingredients, it focuses on bringing a scientific approach to skincare to bridge the gap between secret traditional beauty rituals and knowledge backed skincare products. No unwanted extras, dyes, mysteries, unnecessary chemicals or preservatives, & no artificial colors or fragrances are used. All Rarissime products are rich in skin’s health. The product range is developed on the firm foundation of years of scientific research to give you sustained long term results with superior efficacy. 

Dr. Rashmi Soni Lohiya Dermatologist, Trichologist and Founder of Rarissime

Rarissime helps the solace and treasure from science come alive by making scientifically better, environmentally-approved products. Rarissime Moisturizing Lotion, Rarissime Restorative Serum (Vitamic C + Fluoric acid serum), Rarissime Essential SPF with PA+++, Rarissime Anti-Aging Cream, Rarissime Hand and Foot Cream, & Rarissime Essential Moisturiser are a few noticeable ones in the showcase.

Dr. Rashmi Soni Lohiya renowned board certified Dermatologist, Trichologist and Founder of Rarissime believes “Your skin is your first communication with the world. It’s said you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. But in the recent years the cosmetic significance has overtaken skin health. In our race to cover up imperfections with makeup and filters we have forgotten that skin is as important an organ as your heart. We first need to cater to its health and the need to cover it up will automatically fade.”

“Rarissime, brings to you the dermatology expertise at your dressing table. Our products are curated with utmost precision, crafted with the right active ingredients which work at the cellular level to enhance your skin health. Because we truly believe healthy skin is happy skin!”

Rarissime aims at touching every element, every story, and every ingredient that makes a brand and presents it to the audience in an extremely rare way.

Furthermore, the rare hues of Rarissme’s products, will take you on a path of rejuvenation reinstating your self-confidence, firmly asserting its unique identity.

“Forever cherished is the feeling when everyone awes at your healthy flawless skin, glowing and filled with vibrancy from every pore! This is exactly what we want our patrons to experience! The aspiration of every being to look and feel their best!” notes Vishvesh Gilda, Co-founder of Rarissime.

Brain behind this brand

Dr. Rashmi Soni Lohiya is a well-known Dermatologist and Cosmetologist from Pune and Rarissime is her brain child. In her 15 years of practicing dermatology, she has helped thousands of patients with various skin issues where people were very unhappy with their skin and disillusioned with the flooded skin care market. Dr. Rashmi, feeling her patients’ woes, felt inclined and encouraged to bring change, thereby launching her own skincare brand Rarissime, for the rare and unique beauty that you are!

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