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Sunday, October, 2, 2022

Press Release

EasyCollect by Easebuzz – A Complete API Integration Toolkit for Growing Businesses in India

Pune, Maharashtra, India:
 Easebuzz has set its foot in the digital world in 2016 and launched its operations with a gamut of digital payment solutions to help SMEs with digital payment issues and offer them scalable and reliable solutions that allow them to grow seamlessly in the competitive market.

Early-stage growing businesses in India encounter dire problems as they grow and end up with a high-cost center for solving such issues with banks or other financial institutions. Easebuzz comes with a motive to help businesses with smart APIs and cost-effective solutions all in one single place. It’s a well-established software platform, embedded with payment infrastructure aiding businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments with its API-based product suite.

Amit Kumar, CTO and Director of Easebuzz stated, – “At Easebuzz we are recognized as a “Collection Gateway” and act as a “Technology Partner” for growing businesses and enterprises in India. Our core focus is towards resolving problems related to collection mechanisms at the least cost with help of unique product offerings.”

In today’s world, online payment transactions are setting standards whereas cash is becoming an impediment. Moreover, irrespective of their retail foothold, there is a dire atmosphere created for businesses to have online payment options that can further ensure their indispensable digital presence. Technology, on the other hand, is a double-edged sword. In spite of the multitude of advantages offered by technology, there still are problems faced by emerging businesses in India.
Easebuzz has identified and solved these primary problems by establishing a software platform that is integrated with payment infrastructure. EasyCollect is one of Easebuzz’s innovative SME offerings which is a complete API integrated toolkit for developing enterprises. This product accepts a variety of payment methods and speeds, including real-time transactions. Customers can quickly and easily make a payment that suits their needs and communicate further via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp.
The automated payment reminders help in reducing manual follow-ups, reconciliation and allow to customize e-mail and SMS content for follow-ups at the click of a button. It helps in managing all the payment-related activities from a single dashboard. Automated payment reminders make digital payment simple, and the seven-step procedure is reduced to just three steps i.e.,

Set payment automation
Receive payment.

 EasyCollect is a value-added API-driven software that is favored over any traditional payment link solution in the industry due to its unique features that contribute to a hassle-free payment.  Following are the key characteristics of EasyCollect:

Auto-Generated Invoice – Send auto-generated invoice detail to customers
Voice-Enabled Bot – For Payment reminders & marketing activities
Real – Time Updates – Real-Time payment updates are available 24×7, 365 days
Automation – Reduction of manual follow ups and reconciliation
Customize Email & SMS – Follow up with the click of a button
Single Dashboard – Multiple adaptations in one place for a quick overview

  Reconciliation, Split Payment, Auto Payment, and Bulk Payment made easier with EasyCollect:
Real-time reconciliation of transactions into ERP systems can be easily done with the help of EasyCollect. This comprises transaction ID and transaction details which are gathered on the gateway by selecting the required data and format to properly integrate with the accounting system of choice. 
Speaking of bulk payment, with EasyCollect you can send payment links in bulk by uploading a batch file on the EasyCollect Dashboard. Additionally, Wire- a flagship product of Easebuzz facilitates split payment that can be integrated, with EasyCollect for merchants who require their payments to be split between different vendors.
EasyCollect by Easebuzz automates recurring bill payments, manages advance payment collection and subscriptions with great ease using APIs. It automates the reminder overpayment collections for any merchant that has a due date-based collection mechanism. Easebuzz has partnered with over 100 merchants on a monthly basis, resulting in over 219 lifetime EasyCollect merchants.

The customer can operate EasyCollect with ease as per the following step:

Create a simple payment link via Easebuzz Dashboard and customize it.
Share Payment links via SMS, Email, or Whatsapp and get paid instantly.
Automate your payment collection with invoice payment reminders before the Due Date of an Invoice.
Create and share payment links for multiple customers in one go by uploading a bulk file.
Manage your transactions, refunds, and settlements from one single dashboard.
Quickly remind customers about due bill dates with our Outbound IVR Service feature.
Get notified when there is a change in the status of the transaction.


 These features allow EasyCollect customers to pay during any point of time and can easily fulfill their bills or invoice related to pending payments such as maintenance bills, school fees, insurance, and other obligation manual reminders. This saves time and cost both for the merchants as well as for the customers.
Mr. Rohit Prasad, CEO and MD of Easebuzz stated – “Easycollect is a cutting-edge API-based solution to enable diverse small and medium-sized enterprises to process digital payments and collections.”
 Easebuzz, a preferred partner for SMEs across India, is working towards its long term aim of establishing itself as a payment collection/SaaS software solutions company with an API module tailored for Indian startups and SMEs.

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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