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Saturday, October, 1, 2022

Press Release

Bhamla Foundation Crowdfunding on to Commemorate Sidharth Shukla by bringing his Dream to Fruition

When one hears the name Sidharth Sukhla, one remembers his beautiful smile, his stern demeanor that guarded his ever so soft and humble heart, his iron spirit, and the way he embraced life with a passion. True to his values, he never cared about fame or the spotlight; he cared for his art and was passionate about making the world a better place. People know of his immense talent and his lovable personality, but very few know about his generous philanthropic side.


Sidharth Sukhla


Sidharth reached out to the Bhamla Foundation in 2008 when he came across one of their campaigns. He has been associated with the Bhamla foundation from his Balika Vadhu days. From a campaign that helps in taking care of innocent Stray Dogs to the vaccination campaign, and even contributing rations to over 300 people in Dharavi that Sidharth packaged and provided directly through the grocery store, he wanted to be everywhere he could help. Sidharth was deeply invested in the cause for providing a better life to orphaned kids. He also wanted to be the voice for helpless strays who, often than not, suffer massive abuse. Sidharth was closely working with The Bhamla Foundation to bring the change he wanted to see. His early demise left a lot of his fans who have been members and eco champs of the Bhamla foundation shattered beyond hope. But Sidharth wouldn’t have wanted us to sit and grieve; he was a go-getter; he was someone who made things happen. He was a life force, and a tribute can never be paid to him in just words.


Celebrating his birthday on 12th December 2021, The Bhamla Foundation will commemorate Sidharth Shukla by bringing his dream to fruition with the #CelebratingSidharthShukla #TributeToSid fundraiser campaign. The foundation has started a fundraising campaign on Ketto to raise Rs. 10 Lakh for the cause.


Commenting on the fundraiser Ms. Saher Bhamla Director & Youth Head at Bhamla Foundation, said, “We are setting up a Ketto fundraiser in Sidharth’s name where all the donations will go towards two of the causes closest to his heart. The Bhamla Foundation will adopt 5 orphaned children and become the financial providers for their education and wellbeing. The Bhamla Foundation would also provide volunteers to the areas in Mumbai with a sizeable number of strays. We will take responsibility and feed our street dogs and cats. If a stray is injured, we will take it to a veterinary hospital for treatment and provide assistance to the strays in need.”


“Your support is crucial to our efforts and if you’re able, we’d love it if you could aid us in bringing Sidharth’s wishes to life. As Thomas Campbell truly said, “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” Sidharth will live on in our hearts forever, and as long as we can, we will honor his dreams of a better world,” adds Ms. Bhamla.


Fundraiser link: is South East Asia’s most visited and trusted crowdfunding platform. Co-founded by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala and Actor Kunal Kapoor with an aim to bridge the affordability gap. enables people to raise funds for health and medical emergencies, natural calamities, education, travel, short-term emergency needs, sports, competitions, arts, animal welfare, women empowerment, and many more. Ketto’s primary objective is to use technology to optimize efficiency, reduce redundancy, and increase impact targeting the social sector of the country. The company is closely working with hospitals, NGOs, and individuals to bring positive change to the community. Currently, Ketto campaigns are raising over Rs. 300 crores per year for various cause

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