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Sunday, October, 2, 2022

Press Release

CCTV+: Beautiful Jiangxi | Ancient Villages in Jinxi

BEIJING, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jinxi County is the best place to visit ancient villages in Jiangxi Province. There are more than 100 well-preserved traditional ancient villages with over 11,000 buildings built in the Ming and the Qing dynasty in the county, which make it “a museum of ancient villages with no walls”. In recent years, Jinxi County has given full play to its unlimited potential of “ancient village + tourism” by making an overall plan to boost the integration and development of diversified tourism. We have seen a momentum of tourism boom across the county where “everywhere is the landscape for travel and everyone can participate and benefit”, driving the cross-border integration and vigorous development of various industries.

Here each village is given a unique character and more villages are enjoying a promising future. In recent years, Jinxi County has been trying to explore cultural connotation behind each village based on their own situation and giving those villages a new look with new technologies and western elements. Through the organic combination of the construction of beautiful countryside and ecological tourism development, Jinxi has found a new path to preserve old villages and revitalize them. Jinxi

Nowadays, the brand of “Jinxi Ancient Village” has been gradually established and known by the public. As a cultural characteristic label, it has attracted many people to come. “If you have visited Jinxi, then you will find other villages unworthy of visiting.” This is the best appraisal from foreign tourists that have visited Jinxi and also the strongest proof of  cultural confidence in local ancient villages.

It is worth mentioning that Jinxi local government has been actively exploring the mechanism of transforming the value of ecological products into reality, and have been taking the lead in launching the first “ancient village financial loan” in the country, mortgaging the operation rights of ancient buildings to banks. These measures have successfully activated a number of century-old “dormant assets” and effectively helped revitalizing local rural economy.

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