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Wednesday, October, 5, 2022

Press Release

Influencer Marketing App Freeskout Achieves INR 1 Crore MRR Milestone

Freeskout, an influencer discovery and marketing platform, announced that it has clocked a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of INR 1 Crore. Freeskout’s free-to-use mobile app connects over 350,000 influencers to 700+ clients across various industries.

Freeskout Founding Team, (L to R) Shashank Sehrawat, Ashish Bhambhani and Akshay Chopra


A great influencer campaign is dependent on selecting the right influencers with the ideal target audience for a brand. On the Freeskout app, brands can identify the right influencers with filters like engagement rate, industry, follower count, etc. And influencers and bloggers can connect with brands that suit their content type and audience.


Freeskout started right before the pandemic in 2020. And soon enough, they were faced with a unique set of challenges. Earlier, while they used to meet businesses and most new influencers over offline interactions, all of it changed once the pandemic hit. In July 2020, Freeskout launched with a small team of 5 people, and it took them just under 4 months to clock revenue of INR 1 Lakh per month.


Today, Freeskout has reinforced its presence as a thought leader and a key stakeholder in the $10+ B influencer marketing sector, wherein the company grew from INR 1 Lakh to INR 1 Cr. MRR in a little over a year. The Freeskout platform enables brands and marketers to maximize their returns on each marketing dollar spent across the entire stage of an influencer campaign.


Furthermore, it simplifies influencer shortlisting, onboarding, and content approvals, streamlining the entire campaign execution cycle. And that is one of the reasons Freeskout counts Daniel Wellington, KFC, Hindustan Unilever, Muscle Blaze, Nykaa, CoinDCX, etc., among its clients, and over 40,000 collabs every month.


Commenting on prospects, Freeskout Co-founder, Shashank Sehrawat, added, “Freeskout will be an ecosystem for creators and brands without any middlemen. It will act as a bridge, eliminating the barter system and connecting different parties with the right opportunity. Simply put, we plan to simplify finding the right creators to market a brand’s product, while creators can monetize their talent with the right opportunity.”


Freeskout, which started with a small team of 5 people in 2020, employs over 250 full-time individuals and is the point of contact for over 50+ Lakh influencers in India alone. Freeskout plans to expand globally soon, creating an ecosystem to connect creators and brands with the right opportunities.


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