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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Press Release

The Baker’s Dozen sells a sourdough every minute at the launch of ‘The House Of Sourdough’ in Delhi

The Baker’s Dozen logs another remarkable success with its record high sales at the newly launched store ‘The House Of Sourdough’ in GK-1, Delhi by selling one sourdough every minute Aditi Handa’s signature Sourdough range was sold out within a mere weekend of opening their first experiential store in GK-1, clocking over 1300 units sold in 20 hours A first for any Indian brand, this is the second nation-wide milestone achieved by The Baker’s Dozen, who earlier celebrated selling a million sourdoughs in 2020 As India’s most loved D2C artisan bakery brand, the company continues to expand at a furious pace, making the one in GK-1, Delhi it’s second experiential brand store within a quarter and many more stores in the offering

NEW DELHI, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At the time when India is experiencing a remarkable bakery revolution, a ‘sourdough a minute’ milestone has been achieved in Delhi by the Iconic Artisan D2C bakery brand ‘The Baker’s Dozen’. Clocking over 1300 units sold in 20 hours over their launch weekend at the ‘The House of Sourdough’ in Greater Kailash 1, Chef Aditi Handa’s signature creations are flying off the shelves, marking a record nation-wide first for any Indian D2C bakery brand in the sourdough category.

Emboldened by this massive response, the brand is now planning to further widen its reach in the region with many more stores in the next quarter.

Overjoyed with the phenomenal success on their first major foray into North India, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Sneh Jain, comments, “2021 for us is ending on a very good note, the brand has already marked 250 % growth from 2020 – 2021 and our current omnichannel strategy and effective campaigns have surely helped us heighten the desirability of our products, especially the Sourdough breads, having a sold out moment in a matter of minutes in Delhi.”

Head Baker and Co-Founder, Aditi Handa further expressed her gratitude on the love received from Delhites by saying, “The House Of Sourdough is our first brand store in Delhi and we had been expecting a good response basis our past launches, however, a sourdough purchased every minute is beyond our expectation and a dream coming true. To celebrate this success with our customers and spread happiness in the city, we have drastically increased our production capacity to meet the burgeoning demand for our breads and bakes in North India.”

Post the massive sales growth witnessed during Covid-19, the brand had announced a Pan-India expansion drive and omnichannel strategy to make Sourdough breads available for every Indian through 5 experiential brand stores and over 40 Micro fulfilment centres with active presence on major marketplaces like Swiggy Instamart, Amazon, Swiggy Zomato, Milk Basket, Bigbasket, Nature’s Basket and many more.

Keeping innovation at the core, the brand has made its mark with Sourdough breads introduced using local ingredients, in fact it is the only brand to develop 100% wholewheat sponge cakes which are one of its kind and to make these innovative bakery needs accessible nationally, it has innovated with an unique FreshLock packaging technology that enhances the shelf life of all their products without the need for preservatives.

About The Baker’s Dozen: The Baker’s Dozen is a hand-crafted artisan bakery brand that uses only the most authentic ingredients, processes, and love! The essence of The Baker’s Dozen is that it is led by bakers who are passionate about the craft of baking. They bake for the joy of baking and share that joy with you. Each bread, each cake is special, baked with love and attention almost as if it were baked in your own oven! That’s also the reason why they are different from everybody else. No two loaves might look exactly the same, just like no two pieces of art when made by hand are ever exactly the same.


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