BEIJING, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ways to achieve democracy are varied in forms but all aim at realizing the common values of all mankind, and socialist democracy is a more genuine and superior form of democracy, said global scholars at a forum this weekend.

Themed “the shared human values”, the two-day International Forum on Democracy kicked off on Saturday in Beijing.

Roland Boer, a professor from School of Marxism at Dalian University of Technology, pointed out that there must be relative superiority among democratic forms, so it is necessary to choose a democratic form that best suits the conditions of a particular place.

“The socialist democracy is a more genuine and superior form of democracy, and it is very encouraging to see that China is in the process of a global reclamation of democracy for socialism, because socialism is, of course, far more democratic than capitalism,” he said.

“China has a political system which is determined by real results that is improvement in the real lives of people, not by form or processes. Because it is a socialist country. China’s economy can be brought under rule by the people, which is excluded by the capitalist system of rule of the economy by private property,” said scholar John Ross, former director of the Department of Economic and Business Policy in London.

Many scholars stressed that there are many ways to achieve democracy, but all of them aim to realize the common values of all mankind and make democracy move forward. Therefore, western democracy should not be incorporated into all political systems as there are no universal standards for democracy.


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