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India's First International News Journal

Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

Pawan Pandit to Launch Rashtra News Mobile App on Swadeshi Abhiyan Program

Delhi, India
The editor-in-chief Pawan Pandit, while giving details of the said, “We are proud Indians. We want to keep our Nation first. Ever since our human race started to read and write, our ancestors might have started to populate and dispense their thoughts and views about their family, society, tribe, state and our country. With the shift and path of time, journalism evolved and progressed. Journalism was not buoyed to mere exchange of news; instead it became the key medium for opinions and ideas. Now, we live in a Shrieked and compacted world, when several incidents make news worldwide, we have to be updated accordingly. Today the entire orient is buoyed to the ‘click’ of the button to access the web. We are patriot journalists of Bharat, we have deep concern about our co-nationals. We want to educate our fellow Indians (Bhartiya) about the latest happenings worldwide that people of India must know. To update the knowledge of today’s Indians in such a way as to keep our nation first, with its ancient moral of ‘Vasudev Katumbakam’ in our mind Pawan Pandit started Rashtra News on 13th november 2014. We are a noted and genuine Delhi based media house with our correspondent all over India and Volunteer net Journalist all over south Asia. Our Motto is Nation First. We have vast International news coverage. Currently we run web based news service Rashtra News. It will maintain the performances as well as enlist issues raised in public interest by the peoples and organizations.”


Rashtra News Mobile App


Pawan Pandit, while expressing his gratitude towards the Swadeshi Abhiyan organization for launching Rashtra News mobile app on their upcoming program said that with the launch of the news app, the will be available in the form of systemised way.

Rashtra News would cover the activities of Swadeshi Abhiyan who have always remained aloof from the mainstream media. “The Rashtra News mobile app is going to launch on new year’s occasion with an objective to expand the organization and to convey the real news to every user in an easy way,” Pawan Pandit added.

Further Pawan Pandit said, “I believe that through this news app, we would be able to establish communication in more accessible ways with public and Rashtra News users so that people can relate more easily to current affairs news and govt public welfare initiatives.”

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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