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Sunday, September, 25, 2022

Press Release

Polygon BUIDL IT becomes India’s Exclusive and Largest Web3 Hackathon with 186 Projects

Polygon BUIDL IT 2k21, India’s first Polygon-native hackathon, which aims to promote Web3 technology and culture among budding Indian developers becomes India’s largest Web3 Hackathon with a whopping 5031 registrations. BUIDL IT is now undoubtedly the biggest showcase of upcoming Web3 talent within the Indian subcontinent. Bringing Web3 to India with such grandeur is a feat that could not have been possible without amazing 180+ exclusive projects.


India’s biggest web3 hackathon – Polygon BUIDL IT 


This is a testament to the fact that the builders & developers of India are not only embracing the change to a decentralized future but are actively building it. The hackathon kicked off in great style with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the nation such as Sandeep Nailwal (Co-founder, Polygon), Vijay Shekhar (Founder, PayTM) & Kunal Kapoor (Actor; Founder, Ketto).


The BUIDL IT hackathon was not only about hacking and building projects for veterans in this space, but also for newcomers willing to learn. In order to help newcomers to Web3, polygon had also organized an incredible line-up of workshops where participants could learn about the various concepts of Web3 and interact with experts from all over the world hands-on. The conversation started from Basics & Introductions to Oracles, APIs, NFTs, and Security and then to advance learning of the space.


Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder, Polygon, said, “Polygon empowers Web3 developers by providing the support and tools they need. By hosting BUIDL IT, we hope to attract more developers to join us in creating a fair internet that is for user ownership and privacy.”


As the program wraps up, it has also announced the top 3 Web3 projects:


The first-place award was given to Quark, an excellent immersive implementation of a 3D environment along with an interactive NFT marketplace. The other two winning projects are LunarPay Crypto Payments, one of the most essential building blocks to make crypto payments mainstream and power the next wave of crypto e-commerce, and Devparty, a Social Media for developers with proper Web3 implementation and great UI/UX. Minting posts as NFT, tipping crypto to users is directly built into the platform.

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