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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

World’s First Book on Fan Regulator to Create Industry Awareness about the Niche Product

At 29, Yattin Anand is a young entrepreneur from Faridabad who has launched a book, titled “Facts 87% Fan Regulator Manufacturers Are Not Aware About”.


Facts 87% Fan Regulator Manufacturers Are Not Aware About


This book aims to spread awareness among electrical industry players who particularly deal in the modular switches segment. The book provides a brief history of fan regulators, changes and transitions in the fan regulator industry, the difference between superior and inferior quality raw material.


The best manufacturing processes a fan regulator manufacturer should adopt to make a one of its kind product. The book concludes the mistakes being done by most of the fan regulator manufacturers and why getting the product manufactured from a professional vendor does not turn out to be expensive.


While talking about the book, Mr. Yattin Anand, the author of the book, says, “This book is something beyond me, creating value for several others and impacting them in various ways was my only motivation to pursue it. The subject and topic were chosen with clear intention to add value to its readers ,as manufacturing fan regulator is not only a business to me, it’s a medium to create value and make people’s life easier.”


The book aims to serve as a ready reference to modular and non-modular switch manufacturers, ceiling fan manufacturers, students, researchers and users of fan regulators.


The book tells each and everything about a fan regulator on how to choose the best product and manufacturer for it, also the book provides the readers not only about the current usage in the electrical industry but also the basics of a fan regulator and the evolution of its raw materials and manufacturing processes.


Readers can order this book through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and it is also available on his website


About Yattin Anand

Mr. Yattin Anand is an entrepreneur, book author, angel investor, columnist, Director at Faridabad capacitors, based in Faridabad (Haryana), having a keen interest in Dance and he has been pursuing the same since the last 11 years. Yattin is a graduate in commerce from Delhi University. He moved back to his family business with the aim of propelling in the fan regulator industry and boosting his own venture from the grass root level. He has worked in hardcore sales in Faridabad Capacitors at the beginning of his career and now he is the director with Faridabad Capacitors. Post this; he is responsible for the growth of Faridabad Capacitors in India, and he recently launched his book, titled, ‘Facts 87% Fan Regulator Manufacturers Are Not Aware About’ and he is the author of the book. He is aiming to be the national best-selling author with his recent and upcoming books. His recent book is the first-ever book on fan regulators in the world. He is a key mentor to upcoming writers, having already published one book and several more in the coming years. Yattin is planning to invest in ventures which showcase sustenance, with a product and service catering to a suitable need and Yattin will work closely with startups to strategize plans with an eye for integrations and tactical growth. With Faridabad Capacitor, Yattin aims to utilize a vast network and combined expertise, in order to creatively grow each and every one.

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