CSafe now offers real-time visibility and online ordering for VIP Parcel and Cell & Gene Solutions.  
DAYTON, Ohio, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CSafe Global, the innovation leader in temperature-controlled solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, announced today it has expanded its real-time shipment visibility platform and technology to the company’s VIP Parcel and Cell & Gene portfolios.

Customers who choose to include a monitoring device in their VIP thermal shippers, will have 24/7 access to real-time data and the option to receive alerts via email, SMS or in the platform for:
Payload temperature Route deviation / delay Ambient temperature  Ambient humidity Shock event Tilt eventThe online ordering and visibility platform built in collaboration with Cloudleaf, Inc. has been designed to work seamlessly with CSafe’s Retest & Reuse program. Additional features and benefits include:
Place and track new orders View historic order data Simplify tracking by connecting multiple shipment legs with composite shipment features Customize real-time alerts Customize and save locations for routes Access historical shipments Receive GDP compliant standard shipment reportCSafe customers who don’t take advantage of the real-time monitoring in VIP Parcel solutions will still have access to the online ordering platform and the ability to track parcel shipments in one place with integrated carrier milestone tracking for approved carriers. 

“This completes the next major milestone in this innovation initiative, and I am pleased with the service we are now able to offer our VIP Parcel and Cell & Gene customers,” said Patrick Schafer, CSafe CEO. “With this system in place, we are well-positioned to serve any customer need and provide full transparency for their shipments.”

Learn more on csafeglobal.com. 

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About CSafe Global

CSafe Global provides end-to-end thermal shipping solutions to the pharmaceutical and life science industries worldwide. An industry innovator, CSafe is the only provider of both active and passive solutions and offers AI-enabled lease forecasting to ensure active container availability and real-time shipment visibility for active and passive containers. CSafe provides industry-leading maintenance and reuse programs ensuring superior product performance and alignment with customer sustainability objectives. With a presence in 150 countries, 24/7 support and 100% container availability, CSafe is well-positioned to be the partner of choice in the cold chain. csafeglobal.com


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