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Wednesday, September, 28, 2022

Press Release

Offer18 Celebrates Excellence Ending the Year 2021 with Amazing Result


                            Chandigarh, India:
                         <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Offer18</a>, with perseverance and hard work, has been achieving a great feat in the Performance Marketing Platform industry while experiencing formidable growth as a brand despite the year 2021 set out to be a challenging one. This coincides with the brand clocking 5 years of quality delivery, efficient services, and satisfied customers.Based on a recognition of the need of marketers and affiliates to have a unique platform where performance can be tracked, <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Offer18</a> was birthed in 2016 and it has grown from that time onwards to be a pioneer in advanced technological solutions to help ad networks and similar setups optimize their performance.

Offer18 started off in the first year with a vision board bearing the goals of the platform to set an indelible mark with innovative technology. This involved the utilization of various tools that enabled its users to adequately oversee, analyze and assess the performance of their ad Campaigns. Through 2017, the platform attained a milestone of 100 users, making it a preferred solution for many agencies, advertisers, and publishers.
In 2018, Offer18 was able to develop and further scale up their solutions based on feedback from clients and has had the opportunity to work with world’s leading affiliate summit organizers which paved a way for the team to discuss insights and its expertise with clients and audiences.
The growth in 2019, was a snowball as the number of users moved up to 350. This was also a year where Offer18 achieved more feats and explored more frontiers, increasing its features base. A very significant feature addition was the automation which unlocked a new level of efficiency for the brand. Key events, including Delhi Adtech, IAS Delhi, and AW Bangkok gave the platform another chance to exhibit its solution to the world.
The pandemic experienced in 2020 could in no way backtrack the growth of the platform as this year revealed over 100 percent increase in users, most of which were migrators from other platforms. The awards of highest-rated software providers on Capterra and G2 were bagged by Offer18 along with four other different awards.
The year also saw Offer 18 sponsoring a first-of-its-kind virtual event for the India Affiliate summit, while also adding newer features such as the affiliate dashboard to the platform to make operations more seamless for clients.
With 2021 marking over 5 years of its existence, Offer18 has been able to soar and spread its wings across 28 countries, amassed over 700 users, garnered 27 awards and over 150 partner integrations. It is no surprise when the spokesman beams with pride about their achievements and truly there is a spark of excitement awaiting what the next five years have to offer.

About Offer18

Offer18 helps digital professionals to create their own affiliate network, optimize their campaign performance and utilize every bit of their traffic sources to generate better ROI using in-built advanced tools of technology. It comes with many advanced features like anti-fraud, campaign automation, link checker, smart offer, and powerful offer sync API that help in the transformation of the performance marketing industry. That’s why the leading brands are showing their trust and continuously migrating from their existing technology providers to Offer18.

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