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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

A Smart Plan for Regular Traders

                            Pune, Maharashtra, India:
                         In the present pandemic age, the business world has managed to revive, resulting in the recovery of the stock market. After facing downward movements, the share market has started to show green lines. Traders need affordable brokerage services to capitalise on the stock market's growth to the fullest. Brokers have started to focus on quality services at low charges. Pioneer brokerages in the discount broking industry have come in front with attractive brokerage plans for investors and traders.

The Challenges

Active traders buy and sell securities more frequently and high brokerage costs with full-service brokerages remain an issue.

Sometimes they need to take positions on margin in case of insufficient funds to capitalise on the available opportunity quickly. Margin Trading Funding (MTF) increases the buying capacity of traders but poses an additional challenge of high-interest rates.

The Solution – Bajaj Privilege Club Subscription

Trading cost impacts the rate of returns. Active traders need the right broker with cost effective brokerage plan to stay ahead of the curve. It is challenging to trade large volumes with traditional percentage-based trading. The solution is an affordable subscription-based annual trading plan with a well-established trusted discount broker.

Bajaj Financial Securities Limited (BFSL) comes with cost-saving and customised trading plans, depending on traders’ needs, to fulfil the rising demand for good service quality at affordable brokerage rates. One of such plans by BFSL is the Bajaj Privilege Club Subscription.

Features and Benefits of Bajaj Privilege Club Subscription

Bajaj Privilege Club (BPC) offers an attractive plan with affordable brokerage and one of the lowest margin funding interest rates.
1. Lower Brokerage
​Bajaj Financial Securities Limited (BFSL), one of the major players in the financial services sector offering secure platforms with the benefit of low brokerage charges. This encourages traders to feel comfortable in increasing trade frequency.  Subscribers of Bajaj Privilege Club are charged with one of the lowest brokerages, i.e., flat brokerage of Rs. 5/- per order for Delivery, Intraday, and F&O.

2. Attractive MTF Interest Rate
BPC clients are set to benefit with one of the lowest interest rates in the industry. BFSL offers a margin trading facility as low as 8.5% p.a to Bajaj Privilege Club subscribers. One will need to pay only Rs.23.28 per day for 1 lakh MTF.

3. Longer Period to Carry position under MTF
BPC members can carry their margin trade position for up to 365 days which will allow ample time for the trader to wait for a favourable price and book profit. For instance, one takes a trade of value Rs. 20 lakhs, expecting to book profit after 3 months. He/she can take a trade using MTF, the interest will be charged till the day the position is squared off.

4. Dedicated Service
BPC members are provided with dedicated dealing desk support. Trades require quick, dedicated dealing support as they are using borrowed funds for margin trading and BFSL ensures they get prompt and active support for all their queries.

5. Zero Depository Participant Account Maintenance Charge
Demat account maintenance charge for BPC members is nil.

Thus, BFSL’s subscription-based plan fits all categories of traders. 

Cash traders can take advantage of low brokerage in delivery and one of the lowest MTF interest rates.
Intraday traders can benefit from a low brokerage charge in intraday.
F&O traders are saving with a low brokerage in futures and options.

There is a growing percent of traders opting for BPC because of the convenient MTF facility at affordable. With the introduction of Bajaj Privilege Club for active traders, BFSL is set to dominate the discount stock broking segment by offering incomparable benefits to their clients. CRISIL has accredited BFSL with a rating of AAA/Stable. A subscriber of Bajaj Privilege Club can rest assured of associating with a stable company with strong financial standing.

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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