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Sunday, September, 25, 2022

Press Release

India’s First Business Wealth Management Platform for SMEs


                            Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India:
                         <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Shootih</a> recently announced the launch of their business wealth management platform for SMBs and MSMEs. This will help small and medium-sized businesses get a consolidated, analytical view of their business transactions along with the ability to invest their idle cash and find tax-saving opportunities.

Vinita and Nilesh, co-founders of Systango, a mid-cap web and mobile development boutique headquartered in London, UK, faced a lot of challenges to find the best investment options to grow their idle cash. They were able to stay on top of cash flow with accounting software, but there was still no way to get insights on how to grow the surplus.
 Vinita firmly believes that technology is the solution to modern business problems and thought of coming up with a tech-based solution that can help small-scale businesses like hers invest their idle business cash. Vinita’s profound expertise in the tech, investment, and stock market along with Nilesh’s experience in cash flow management and financial planning enabled the two to come up with “Shootih” – India’s first-ever business wealth management platform. Shootih, which means “prosperity” or “growth” in Sanskrit, provides businesses with AI-based insights and the ability to invest in mutual funds in a single click without the need for any brokers or repetitive paperwork.
 Vinita says “We strongly believe that the market opportunity for such a fintech product is vast. The tool will enable small business owners to focus on what really matters (taking the business to the desired heights) and avoid distractions (caused by manual cash management processes).” Who does not want to make money without getting distracted?About Shootih
 Shootih is India’s first platform that brings all the crucial aspects of Business Wealth Management under one roof. The platform offers a consolidated, analytical view of business transactions, AI-based recommendations and timely alerts to investing idle cash, and the ability to invest in all kinds of mutual funds best-suited for businesses in a single click, all in one place.

Thus, enabling small and medium cap enterprises to understand cash flow patterns and invest the “idle” cash to grow their business wealth. The tool brings investment options that enable businesses to invest surplus cash even for a short period of time like weekends and holidays and grow their capital.

In addition to this, the web-based app also notifies users about the tax-saving opportunities and helps them keep a watch on their business with corporate goal tracking.

Key Features:
 – Monitors cash flow across multiple accounts and portfolios.- Insights on investment options for a business’s idle cash through AI-based recommendations.- Offers one-click mutual funds investment opportunity.- Helps manage tax liability.- Tracks corporate goals. 
 Website: www.shootih.comTwitter: Facebook:

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                        <p>Vinita Rathi (CEO), Shootih

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