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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

Omnicomm Announces Lifetime Warranty for Its Fuel Level Sensors in India


                            Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
                         The global fleet and fuel management solution provider Omnicomm recently announced a Lifetime Warranty on its line of fuel sensors, becoming the first company to do so in the Indian market among fuel monitoring hardware manufacturers.Omnicomm has been a key player in the fleet and fuel management industry, supporting the trucking and heavy infrastructure in India with its robust technology for more than 5 years. The launch of Lifetime Warranty is another example by which Omnicomm continues to deliver quality fuel monitoring hardware to Indian Businesses. No other LLS manufacturer in the Indian market offers a Lifetime Warranty on their products, making Omnicomm a pioneer in the industry.

Omnicomm global founder and CEO Boris Pankov further adds, “We have a proven record of delivering hardware that stands up to the test of time! Having already introduced the Lifetime Warranty in Russia, we wanted to bring it to the international market. A fast-growing market like India was the perfect place to start, as we have a strong partner and customer base here.”

“With a sizeable share of the market, Omnicomm is on the path to establish a stronghold with the Lifetime Warranty offer. A seamless customer experience is our #1 priority, and our Lifetime Warranty offer underlines this confidence,” says Mohit Mehrotra, MD and Business Head, Omnicomm India and South Asia. “The Lifetime Warranty comes as a move to enhance existing partner trust in their products and attract new clients with proven, highly reliable and accurate fuel monitoring solution.”

Omnicomm fuel level sensors are used by thousands of companies the world over and are considered to be an industry standard in India, as they are of high quality and have large success rates – with a negligible percentage of warranty claims! Omnicomm solutions offer a smart way to monitor, control, and cut costs in business, helping companies save time and effort.

About Omnicomm Fuel Monitoring Technologies Private Limited

Omnicomm Fuel Monitoring Technologies Private Limited is Indian subsidiary of Omnicomm- the global telematics expert with over 20 years of experience in fuel and fleet management solutions. The fleet management solutions include high precision fuel-level sensors with an accuracy of 99.5%, terminals, displays, and Omnicomm Online fuel management solutions. These products are equipped in more than 1.2 million vehicles across more than 113 countries across: logistics and transportation, construction, heavy machinery, mining, oil & gas, telecom, and smart cities.

Connect with Omnicomm Fuel Monitoring Technologies Private Limited at or on LinkedIn, Facebook

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