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Saturday, August, 13, 2022

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Embrace IRack and IRack Block Designed by NetRack to Achieve Cooling Efficiency for Single or Smaller Deployments

Data is considered a critical asset and intellectual property of any organization. Hence, the data center forms the core part of any company dealing with that data. This makes the functionality and efficiency of the data center essential along with an ensured cooling capacity.


NetRack – IRack and IRack Block- a solution to achieve cooling efficiency


Enterprises dependent upon IT equipment always try to ensure proper and efficient cooling of the data center, hosting the business-critical equipment. Since the servers and associated equipment generate immense heat, there is always a possibility of equipment failure due to overheating. Hence, a controlled environment, proper cooling strategy, and effective airflow management play an important role in improving the overall efficiency of a data center. Especially, within small shop floors, cafeterias, or warehouses of small and medium-sized businesses, installing an air conditioning system or a complete ecosystem of network cooling might not be a feasible option. In such scenarios, providing the necessary cooling for networking equipment mounted within a small area lacking ventilation becomes difficult.


This difficulty can be addressed by a self-cooling rack. Hence, the iRack Series has been specifically designed to ensure optimal cooling of the mission-critical equipment. It comes with a unique feature of air-conditioning incorporated within the rack - a perfect solution with low installation cost and minimal maintenance. IRack ensures airflow management that is completely contained with IP 50 for dust protection.


IRack and IRack Block – a solution to achieve cooling efficiency

Sectors such as banking and finance, manufacturing, educational institutions, and hospitals currently opt for intelligent Infra Capsules or Modular Data Centers. This led to the manufacturing of the IRack and IRack Block. It is built with the objective of offering a miniature data center with built-in accessories with precession cooling. To achieve higher PUE, the in-rack cooling runs on R410 refrigerant to ensure reduction of the carbon footprint. Hence, this can be considered as a cost-saving option. Due to its flexibility and scalability features, additional rack options can be added as per the growth of the business.


These IRack and IRack Blocks are manufactured out of steel sheet - punched, formed, welded, and powder coated. Welded ultra-rigid, they meet the highest quality standards as per ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing & Quality management system.


Challenges faced in Smaller Setups

Achieving Cooling efficiency

Flexibility and scalability

Infrastructure built time

Physical Security issue

Power management

Energy management

Thermal management

Maintenance and support

The features comprise of

Racks for Server and Network application

Complete Cable management

Integrated Air Flow and Thermal Management

Precision In Rack Cooling from 3.5 KW to 55KW

Rack Mount UPS

Intelligent PDU and Climate Monitoring

Air sampling-based Fire Suppression system

Intelligent Rack Security

DCIM Software to Manage the Infra @ Fingertips


Benefits of IRack

Futuristic and environmental-friendly

Self-contained and self-powered

Self-cooling capacity

Efficient airflow system

Effective thermal performance

Fire detection alarm with in-built suppression technique

Intelligent locking and power monitoring capability

Space-saving solution


Benefits of IRack Block

Precession cooling with Temperature and Humidity Control

Comes with associated accessories

Helps to reduce the carbon footprint

A scalable and modular solution

Intelligent Rack access

Complete server management

Surveillance and physical security


About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. offers IRack and IRack Block with in-rack cooling that runs on R410 refrigerant. Innovation and technology together played a critical role in manufacturing these self-cooling, self-powered, and self-contained racks that can cater to the growing demand for intelligent equipment cooling solutions.


Faster deployment

Plug and play concept

Minimum support

Saves up to 30% energy


NetRack manufactured IRack series with a quality standard of ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing & Quality management system.


Choose a completely integrated solution to host the Servers, Networking, and other IT Equipment.


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