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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Press Release

Author Anubhav Kandpal Launches his Debut Book, ‘We Get to Live’ that Takes You on a Journey of Wonder

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Anubhav Kandpal, a traveler, philosopher, writer and public speaker launched his debut book titled, ‘We Get to Live’. The book provides an insight into the wonders of nature and how humans are intimately connected to everything around us.


Author Anubhav Kandpal Launches his Debut Book, ‘We Get to Live’


The book is an intuitive understanding of some intriguing questions. What is time? Why do we work? Why do we see the world differently? These are some of the profundities that Anubhav has explored in the book. Readers will be able to delve into how the mind builds stories to help us make sense of the world. Anubhav travelled extensively for work over the last decade and often felt disconnected to the fast-paced world driven by millennial trends. His quest for find peace lead him to discover answers to many such ruminations.


Anubhav Kandpal elaborated, “We Get to Live, looks beyond the divisions and separations we humans have created for our convenience, allowing us to marvel at the unity of the ways we are connected to it all. The book shows how we need to see the world in a new way and develop a concept of nature that includes us. We Get to Live takes a deep dive into the mind and how it builds stories to help us make sense of the world.”


He added “I am delighted to share my spiritual experiences and reflections with the readers and hope it helps everyone view the world through a vantage point and realize how we are all connected to everything.”


The book is available on and can be purchased on


About Anubhav Kandpal

Anubhav Kandpal is a writer, consultant, public speaker, and former chef whose career has taken him to many places as he pursues his interests. He has been an avid reader of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality from his late teens. His desire for self-exploration led him to travel and make decisions that challenged the norm. His career path is one that allows him to express his uniqueness. Anubhav blogs on philosophy at Follow him also on Instagram, @anubhavxkandpal. 
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