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Monday, September, 26, 2022

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Himanshu Patel Becomes Chief Economic Development & Energy Infrastructure Advisor for U.S. Congressmen Pete Sessions Crypto Technical Working Group


                            New Delhi, Delhi, India:
                         Founder and Managing Director of Triton Electric Vehicles (Triton E.V.), Mr. Himanshu B Patel, has been appointed as the Chief Economic Development & Energy Infrastructure Advisor by U.S. Congressmen Mr. Pete Session’s office for his Crypto Technical Working Group. “I am excited to be working closely with Himanshu Patel. His counsel is important to my team and me as we look to better educate other policy makers and engage the global business community. I am confident that enhanced collaboration between knowledgeable experts and world-class leaders will advance efforts on a mutually beneficial global scale,” stated Congressmen Sessions. 

 “I believe that it is vital for the United States and India to take the lead globally on setting standards on innovative frontiers in areas of financial digital technologies and Energy Infrastructure developments. I am proud to say that Mr. Himanshu Patel is part of our energy group to help us create the directive worldwide,” Congressmen Sessions further added.  
 “My appointment on U.S. Congressmen Pete Sessions’ team and Crypto Technical Working Group will lead the way for collaborative discussions around digital currency and cryptocurrency for a fair market and movement to green world policies to promote electric vehicles. I will be focusing on how to bring U.S. and India interest together to accelerate these innovations while doing so in a way that addresses the challenges our energy infrastructure faces as these innovations come online and continue to increase,” stated Mr. Himanshu Patel. This effort was recently discussed during a recent Indian Government Union Budget 2022 by Mr. Patel.
 Triton E.V. is working aggressively towards building global capabilities of producing E.V. trucks and cars from India. Mr. Patel spearheads multiple initiatives around E.V.s in India and the United States. A vital component of all industries is a collaboration between the U.S. and India to improve mutual outcomes, enhance the supply chain and economic development between the countries in this new frontier.
 About Mr Himanshu B PatelFounder and Managing Director of Triton EV, Himanshu Patel has extensive experience in the electronics industry. Prior to founding Triton EV, he founded Triton Solar and Triton Infosys. A car enthusiast in his own right, it was his passion and vision that led to the founding of the Triton-EV. 

About Triton EV

Triton-EV is the revolutionary new subsidiary of Triton Solar – a leader in solar panel and battery engineering. Triton Solar’s mission is to “make energy storage more reliable, more affordable, and more applicable.” Triton Solar and Triton-EV are committed to engineering a revolutionary new global energy structure and are working closely with partner nations to accomplish this goal.

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