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Sunday, June, 26, 2022

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How this cutting-edge platform, developed by Collabsports, provides tools and sports analytics to help players become better at their game
 PUNE, India, Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With its innovative offering to record, analyze and Improve players’ game and collaborate with likeminded athletes, SCORPAD is all set to take steady steps in building a performance analysis tool for a player from all levels (Recreational to Professionals) to makes sporting smarter.

Siddharth and Sameer, the co-founders of Collabsports, grew up with a passion for sports. Not only are they lovers of the games, but they are also involved in and like the grind of physical activity, whether it is cricket, badminton, or golf. They recognized the need to track development on the field as athletes and devised a way to combine their technological and sporting knowledge. Not only as a player but as a parent to a national level badminton player, they found a gap where athletes do not have a platform that will help in recording and analyzing the game. 

SCORPAD is a smartphone app that allows players to keep track of their regular match scores, practicing activities and trainings in a systematic manner, as well as the capacity to translate this data into intelligent analysis and insights to aid athletes in their game improvement. Athletes can also use SCORPAD to construct relevant performance profiles that will assist them and their coaches in objectively measuring their performance.

In 2019, with this vision, Collabsports was incorporated with an idea of elevating the sport to a level where the athletes can objectively measure their sports activities and improve their performance. “Nucleus of everything we do will always remain centered around an athlete and their performance improvement activities” is what they believe. 


The Data in Sports Roadmap

According to recent assessments, the sports business is the most adept at using data analytics. According to Allied Market Research, the worldwide sports analytics market is expected to reach $6.37 billion by 2026. The ever-evolving sport industry in which modern sports, an arena where technology and performance go hand in hand; getting to track, record, analyse and learn from their performances seems to be just the right addition in the life of an athlete.

Founders Background:

Siddharth Deshpande (Cofounder and CEO)

Siddharth is an active sportsperson and die-hard sports fan and believes that sports play an important role in the fast paced and routine lifestyle of today. His dream is to create various sports tech tools which can translate to every individual Athlete’s life. He believes that athletes right from beginner level needs to use various data points to understand individuals’ strength and weaknesses and work towards its improvement.


Siddharth holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Pune, India, and a Master of Manufacturing Engineering from Western Michigan University, USA. He has worked in the IT sector for the past 2 decades and played important global leadership roles with companies like Synechron Technologies, Tech Mahindra, and Geometric Software. 

Siddharth has played various sports from his childhood and lead various teams in his school, college, and club levels. He regularly plays Cricket, Badminton and Golf to keep himself active.


Sameer Sagade (Cofounder and CTO)

With an Engineering Degree from the University of Pune, India, and a master’s in computer science from Western Michigan University, USA. Sameer has worked in the IT sector for the past 20 years and has actively contributed his skills for companies like Synechron Technologies and TIBCO Software Pvt Ltd before setting out to fulfill his dream. He is known for his passion for sports, and it was no surprise that he thought of bringing the two fields he knows best, together – Technology and Sports. 

Sameer has a strong belief that Scorpad will assist athletes, coaches, and the sports community at large with sports data analytics that can change the game.


SCORPAD, the first brainchild of Collabsports Technologies, aspires to provide a self-assessment tool for athletes from all levels to recognize the champions in them. They are currently also looking to partner and investors to take this initiative further. 

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